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    Throwing with stoneware; a tiny obsession with exactness; simplicity; noticing details that other people might overlook; native plants of the eastern US; birds, bees, bugs, and all the other life that resides together with me in my woods; bringing animals into our home who previously had no cushy, warm, dry places to lay their heads; learning every day, pottery or not, by taking classes, reading, or trying out an idea that is rummaging around in my head.

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I have really enjoyed getting deeper into pottery in the last few years.  I started taking some wheel classes a few years ago at a community center, and once I got the hang of centering, I really enjoyed the feeling of pushing this medium to make things I found both aesthetically pleasing as well as useful.  I am still frustrated by my lack of technical knowledge with things like mixing and testing glazes and firing kilns, and have been taking college level courses to balance out the throwing technique courses. After these few years, it is starting to feel like I am moving out of the beginner's status and want to connect more with other people who are interested in ceramics.


I'm influenced to make things that reflect my lifestyle and what I find important in life.  Simple curves, colors and proportions in Chinese and Korean bowls and jars influence me, as well as how a piece feels when it is being used. It feels so basic yet makes perfect sense to design pieces that fit the shape, curve, and size of your fingers, hands and mouth.  It is thrilling to get that muscle memory feeling happening as you practice forms many times over, so that it almost feels like meditation or catching up with an old friend to work with the clay. The dizzying changes in our society that occur day by day are overwhelming.  Life is complicated enough, and I enjoy the time I have to do something that gives me a feeling of control over the chaos, and allows me to focus on what feels natural, simple, and just plain right for me to do.

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