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  1. There is was discussion on cultural appropriation somewhere in these forums, this year or last year I think. It got a lot of substantive and interesting comments as I recall. Try a search.
  2. Oh just ducky----it never crossed my mind (that being half gone anyway!) to concern myself w/absorbency regarding my plant markers! The stakes are 1" x 7-8" length x 1" wide x 1/8-1/4" thick. Glazed on front, unglazed sides & back. It did not occur to me to advise that people bring them in for the winter. The body is T6b, listed to be .58%, fired to cone 5. They are being used in various U.S. locations and some are on their way to Europe. They will be used outdoors and in soils that may freeze & may be left out over-winter in snow. . Am I very likely going to have people experiencing breakage? In other word, should I contact people with a caution at this point or just let it go & pray? If they contact me, I will make good on it of course. The new body I plan on using is Rocky Mountain's Dover, absorption listed at +/- 1% .
  3. platypusofdeath????? what pray tell is that name all about? Just curious (I love platypuses-death, not so much.) Sounds like a rock band-is there a story here?
  4. I'd definitely go with a gift certificate from a mainstream supplier. If anyone gave me stuff without me being able to choose it, I would be bummed out, actually-it would be frustrating to not get what I needed and be stuck with something that really didn't suit. Art is very personal in terms of selecting the supplies & materials to suit ones level of expertise and ideas (even at the very beginning---would she want a wood rib, a silicone rib, or a metal rib, for example? My suggest is to cruise through a few major sites like Sheffield, Bailey's, Clay King, The Ceramic Shop etc. etc. (& search for one near her location) just to see the vast array of what is available & the kinds of decisions she will need to make.
  5. I don't know how it would look, but I bet a liquid rubber product like Flex-Seal would waterproof the pots. Maybe enamel or acrylic paint underneath the clear sealant would look cool.
  6. I did not even begin my BFA in ceramics until I was your age now, and I almost immediately took a 30+ year detour into a totally unrelated career (direct services & program design for addiction treatment). After I retired (I am now 73) I used my funds to put together a small home ceramics studio. An unexpected obstacle turned out to be modest TBI that messess with cognition retention & physical movements--so there had to be some significant adaptability & work-arounds. Nevertheless, five years into it and my retail output is now --as Johnny said--paying for my habit! I don't need significant income, and am not looking to build a serious business...but what I see is that if I wanted to, I could. It's not about age-it's about learning (or relearning), practice, discipline, vision (repeatedly and actively affirming it), and a willingness to get back up on the horse after you fall off or after it throws you off.
  7. Like most major suppliers who get mentioned here, Bailey has excellent customer service and will speak with you as much as needed, always pleasant, patient, and very knowledgeable.
  8. Gotta love it!! Six----count 'em----SIX---- 25.75 inch shelves, stacked, are not that much higher than a standard computer mouse!!
  9. Well, this may come across like one of those Facebook posts where people show pics of their lunch, but I don't care. I am so psyched! My Thermal-Light shelves have finally arrived!!!!
  10. For me, it's almost never worth trying to "fix" something. Best to let it meet Mr. Hammer & begin again until I get it right. I definitely don't want to let any flawed piece roaming around out in the wild--so I never give stuff like that away for free, like to relatives/friends, nor sell them as "seconds". If it is so precious I can't let go of it, I just keep it for myself. ..but I also try not to let things with cracks etc. become all that precious, either. Though I do have a raku tile on my desk that broke in 4 pieces and is epoxied back together & enhanced with gold enamel over the seams LOL.
  11. I've been making small thin pieces for a while now-currently into herb markers, pendants, flat ornaments. I don't wedge-I use cut & slam & then I use a table top slab roller and that helps with the body wear & tear as much as uniformity; I dry between drywall sheets (porcelain & stoneware). I had problems with cracking/curling-it was simply that the clay was too moist and my handling process needed fine-tuning. My slab roller is the 22" from Bailey-I highly recommend them. It sits on the end of my glazing table, which is just a utility fold-up./ (small home studio).
  12. Well, thanks to cybertechnology, chatting on messenger or binge watching reality series, playing game session after game session after game session, or following link-to-link-to-link-to link-can easily span half a day for some people. I wouldn't know anything about that though-it's just something I heard.
  13. Technology, as applied to the art and craft of ceramics, may be defined as any practical evolutionary, or revolutionary, advancement of knowledge that contributes to a ceramic process, and which utilizes a more efficient method for enhancing traditional practices, with the aid of science, a system, technique, tool, or piece of equipment. Lee-the-editor-has spoke; don't neglect those commas! @liambesaw Thanks for the roller coaster of a wormhole ride down into Wikiville. I visited much of human history, including clicking on Ted Kaczynski's contribution re: technology (except it was deleted), Heidegger, Blade Runner, something about BMI and weight gain, plus dolphins & crows, to hit the highlights. Made a $5 donation to pay for the trip.
  14. Hope you & anyone else with some imagination keeps doing this. They are fun to read (& answer). I haven't been able to think of one to contribute, but maybe someday LOL
  15. Ah ha--that is pretty much exactly what I was thinking! Good old Mother Earth --hippie nostalgia. Thx. I know I could have Googled it, but I get so tired of it sometimes, seriously! But grateful it provides so much info so easily--that & Wikipedia.
  16. I use Laguna's Moroccan Sand Engobe--Ghana Black--on the bottom of forms-straight onto greenware--and it does not stick on my shelves (electric ^5/6).
  17. Do tell! If you would, please share a description of a simple, smallish such oven (for electric kiln if possible). Just curious.
  18. Trust me, you wanna get rid of that!! Best way--get if off your chest and do the artist a solid--tell her of the issue-you'll feel better & she should be grateful.
  19. Don't want to make his head explode. but I have to say, Neil is a gem. I am doing my thing today primarily due to the very kindly demeanor and generously shared expertise of, specifically, John Baymore in person (for hooking me up with his anagama firings & these forums) and virtually online & by phone, of Neil, for safe kiln installation on the porch of a house trailer in rural NH. May be TMI, but I'll leak out that I was running on fumes that were getting more toxic by the minute when I hit a fork in the road with one spur heading to ceramicsville. So yeah, it matters who you buy a kiln from LOL!
  20. Once I figured out how to turn out uniform markers, with the T6, I figured I could afford to try another body to get the whiter base that I prefer. Choosing low fire glazes to use on a mid fire body was a mistake (well, duh!) but I am not going to shift to a low fire clay. The colors I selected fire up just fine at 5 (only 1--a purple--comes out a little lighter than true, but is still a good looking color) so I'll just use them up and then switch to mid fire glaze. These are not my favorite thing to make but they bring home the bacon so I will stick with it. Oh--in case it bothers anyone, I don't orient the name this way anymore---now I stamp it the other way around and to me it reads easier/looks better. Not sure it really matters, as long as I am consistent.
  21. Holy cannoli----my Termal-lites, which I have waited for 6 months to come from Germany, are now at Bailey's!  


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      OK, the computer says i do not want Termal-lites, i want Thermal lights and only that!    so what is this?

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      @oldlady  Thermal-Lite Advanced Formula Nitride-Bonded Silicon Carbide shelves  ---and trust me, if you can afford them, you want them!!!!! :)

  22. Interesting how the discussion quickly centered on 3D printing! I like what Tom noted about how much technology we use in the first place, and have ever since we figured out how to light a fire. I had never seen anything 3D printed and had a terrible time even grasping how you could end up with a physical dimensional object. My potters' guild had a meeting at the University of New Hampshire ceramics studio (literally a year ago) and I was introduced to these pieces. They were the first ones that one of their student's had successfully printed after many weeks of study, designing, trial & error etc. I do not find them cold or empty or "too-too" computerized--I am in awe that this can be done with clay via some weird process via some weird machine! And I am grateful that I won't be drummed out of the club because I use commercial materials, use mostly pre-programmed programs in an electric kiln, and have no clue what a si:al ratio is (and, gasp, don't care either). At one time, W.G. Lawrence's Ceramic Science for the Potter & Daniel Rhodes Clay & Glazes for the Potter were my bibles and I actually knew/practiced the stuff! Does lacking that knowledge (now) make me not an artist? You bet your sweet bippy it does not. My cognition/memory retention is shot to smithereens due to minor (relatively speaking) TBI. Doesn't change my motivation, taste, ethics, vision or desire to satisfy Self and others with what I make; as such technology is just a tool and one I'm grateful for. I'd love the chance to use a 3D printer, at least as a starting point-that Simpson piece is luscious!! I ain't scared of no bot overlords.
  23. THANKS everyone---the whitest with some tooth will work. The Standard 630 sounds just about right. ..don't need smooth & I like cool rather than warm & don't want to have to wedge anything into it-wedging hurts these days! Didn't care for B-mix-can't remember why except I know I went through 50 lbs a couple of years ago & just didn't for some reason. Bam2015-the Portland store is closed re COVID (and I really miss their little in-store cafe!) so I get Laguna shipped from Axner. Y'all are so helpful!
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