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    Now retired from 30+ years in behavioral health services, I am back to enjoying and making art. I hold a BFA in ceramics from VCU's School of the Arts (Virginia Commonwealth University). I have set up a small, functional, in-home studio, with an L&L Easy-Fire on the back porch. In addition to clay, I'm interested in painting, photography, and writing.

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  1. What's on my workbench? Nothing...becasue it's all in the kiln!! (Finally). Yee Haw. 

    1. glazenerd


      Is that a N.H. Yeehaw or a Texas Yeehaw? Trying to gauge your enthusiasm.

    2. LeeU


      Pilfered from my sister.  She says it all the time. We are fom New Jersey -both of us lived for years in NYC--both moved to Virginia at different times (survival-long story) and while she is still there, I am in NH. So, long story long, I have no clue where she got it from. If you catch me saying Howdy, I pilfered that one from my daughter. No connections to Texas. High enthusiam--breaking out of a bad spell...and...just cracked the lid and all is right with the world (tho it's mostly  only a bisque). :P

    3. JohnnyK


      Way to go, Lee! I could have said the same thing Monday, but I opened the kiln and now all 46 pots, bowls etc. are back on the workbench awaiting their destiny...;)

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