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  1. I built a large catenary arch in the US during the mid 70s so that is very possible. I have also built a large pizza oven here in Thailand using a recipe of raw clay, rice husks, and sand. It gets very hot but I unsure of the temperature. I can also get as much used cooking oil as I want, so that is also good. I am researching the drip systems. Michael, can you tell me how to get a hold of Louis (email, phone, or facebook?) Thank you for the positive input, it is coming together. Michael
  2. Yes, I have heard of this and it might be very doable, there is certainly an abundance of used cooking and car oil. I just need to learn the tech of how. Vacuum cleaners are another hard thing to find here, yet in the city there is everything.
  3. I live in north Thailand and and would like to build a kiln that will fire up to cone 6 (if possible). In the past I have done large rice husk kilns but would like to expand my work. I do not have many options for building materials. Some of the materials I do have are brick clay (very rough), normal bricks, rice grass and husks, cement, and sand. I may be able to find fire brick in the big cities. Fuel options are propane gas (will have to order blowers which is possible), wood (but hard to find in Thailand), and I have heard of using used cooking oil which in abundance here. I would like t
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