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  1. I like the Shimpo stool with the adjustable legs. I set the rear legs one notch higher than the front legs, and voila, no more back pain! It's just the amount of tilt that I need. Clay-King is where I got mine, along with my wheel. A++ for this. I do this same exact thing. The raised legs in the back force your posture to be perfect. No back pains what so ever. Would love to have the ST1, but I have so many things to get before I upgrade my stool. And the other stool works great for me so far.
  2. Could do something like a slow bisque to cone 7 with nothing in the kiln to burn out the odor.
  3. Marcia, I offer you and your husband congrats! I have been fighting scleraderma for the last 3 years, I know how awful that disease is. I can finally put my arms above my head again after tons of PT, and drug trial experimentation. I too am hoping in a few more years I will be cured of mine as well. Super awesome! Great work!
  4. I am glaze depressed. I can't find any commercial glazes I like, and I can't seem to find a simple glaze to mix on my own = (.

    1. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      I am excited to read my johnbritcone6 book after Christmas.

    2. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Yep. Mine comes in tomorrow. Plan on reading it while im testing my kiln, adjusting my cone offsets. Thanks for the tip on the falls creek shino. I found your post about it, and looked through the pictures. Looks amazing.

    3. Crusty


      Tri color glazing is fun... Play around and you will find a combo you like... we use Birch, Fire Brick, Ox Blood or Jade... all different Companies ...

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  5. Some practice adding handles of various shapes and sizes to different shapes today. Also two bowls.. I still love making bowls so very much. I thank you all for your critiques. I feel like my mugs handles are getting closer and closer to what I want them to look like. ...
  6. I am confused why can't you sell on etsy? There are plenty of artist who sell their beautiful work on etsy. It is just an outlet to make sales, that's like saying beautiful pieces of pottery don't get sold at auctions or something. Besides that, if there is no real risk I don't see why you wouldn't try, also make sure you mark your prices up to what you want to make, cause the gallery will probably take a big portion of your price. I have several friends who sell art in galleries, they all mark up 50% or more. Good luck and congrats.
  7. How difficult did you find it? Was it expensive to start? I am thinking about starting to try that, but I dont have running water in my garage. I am really interested in trying it out but I am afraid to take the leap! Congrats on doing it, and I am glad your finding your vision.! You don't need running water. Bring a bucket with enough water to mix your glazes into your studio, and have another large bucket half full of water for cleanup. These buckets are temporary: let the sludge settle out and siphon off the water. The sludge disposal will depend on local rules, but I take mine to the fire department where they let you drop off old paint. Thanks for advice. I don't want to derail the thread anymore than I already have. I am going to get a book on this subject.
  8. I didn't know the potters council had a mentoring program. That is good information. I will have to read that page again.
  9. How difficult did you find it? Was it expensive to start? I am thinking about starting to try that, but I dont have running water in my garage. I am really interested in trying it out but I am afraid to take the leap! Congrats on doing it, and I am glad your finding your vision.!
  10. So I know this is a pretty old thread, but I have recently switched to throwing porcelain, and I thought I would chime in here (I was looking through old porcelain threads for knowledge). I am a newbie potter, only about 8 months under my belt. I was throwing different types of stoneware, tried about 6 types and I was pretty impressed with little loafers and thought I would never change. However, one day my supplier was out of little loafers, so I decided to just try some porcelain for kicks after hearing how hard it was to work with. To my surprise, after trying some porcelains I am pretty confident I won't go back to stoneware. I can't believe how beautiful it is to throw. I have tried 3 different porcelains: Helios, 365, and P5. By far my favorite is P5. It throws well, holds it's shape wonderfully, and just does what I want it to do on the wheel. I think I had a slight advantage as that I watched Hsinchuen Lin to learn how to throw and his method of constantly using the slip on your hands instead of water let me take to porcelain pretty well. I never threw really wet on stoneware either. The glazes come out so beautiful, I love white glazes and semi transparent glazes, and I just love how much more glossy the pots are. I also love the sound of porcelain. The ding of the pot is just fantastic! I have threw some of my biggest forms with porcelain. Every time I tried the same thing with stoneware I never succeeded. I was so nervous when first bought the porcelain because of all the warnings that it is so difficult to work with. I haven't had a single crack or anything so far, of course I have only fired 2 loads. But I have a bunch of stuff sitting on shelves waiting to be fired and no cracks or problems with it. I think a lot of it is just compression with ribs in the throwing stage and in the trimming stage(I trim everything). I hope I am not just lucky and I keep having good success with it. So I just wanted to chime in here and say, give porcelain a try. I know I love it now. ADDICTED! I
  11. Neil still helps me all the time. Great guy to buy from. My next bigger kiln will be purchased through him.
  12. Clay is the opposite for me. It helps me with my scleroderma. After I wedge clay and throw for several hours my hands, arms and back feel so much better. As far as pain management goes, whenever I am in a lot of pain I take a hot shower. There is nothing like water beating down on your old bones to help the pain.
  13. I think my greatest leap was learning to communicate with people on this forum. You all have been a huge help to me in figuring out how to throw better and do many other things correctly. I have been in clay less than a year and I am addicted to getting better. So a big thank you all for the wonderful feedback and critiques you have gave me along with the epic information the super friendly people on this forum provide. Because of your help, I think I will be in clay for the rest of my life.
  14. IN LOVE WITH Highwater's P5 Porcelain. By far the best clay I have ever thrown.

    1. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Hah! P5 throws so great. Literally it does exactly what I want everytime and just feels so good.

    2. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Glad you found your sweet spot clay as well.

    3. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Yessss, exactly. It's like magic mud glory for the Lord. ^_^

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  15. If your just gonna fire a single plate per shelf, then make sure you put in spoon rest in the rest of the shelf to fill it up. I have found those are the best to take up the room since nothing else will really fit. Also my family at least loves them. Can't have to many. We keep a little stack in the cabinet above the oven everytime one is dirty we just use a clean one and put the other in the dish washer. Just an idea.
  16. I love all the parts of pottery. Trimming is probably one of my favorite parts. When I throw a piece I imagine how I am going to trim it to give it its final look. It is nice to be able to see if my thrown piece will live up to what I imagined it would. I also love the burnishing part of trimming. I love smooth pots and nothing makes me happier than trimming the pot and then hearing the scraping of my metal rib pealing off the clay then burnishing it after. When you take the pot off it shines and looks beautiful. I also love making feet. Deep feet, small feet, wide feet, tiny feet, no feet. Just think Dr Suess and you will do amazing.
  17. I probably use small plates way more than anything else. The only time I use large plates is when I serve dinner. The rest of the day I make small snacks and stuff in the smaller plates. Perfect for sandwiches. But I also never use bowls unless eating soup.
  18. Awesome stuff. When he gets a little older I am gonna let him start trying to actually throw, if he is still interested in it.
  19. Quick update: http://s1183.photobucket.com/user/josephrosenblatt/library/Handles/After%201st%20round%20of%20reviews This is the only mug I fired in my most recent firing. I just had some other stuff sitting around I wanted to get finished, but I tried to take everyone's critique into mind when I put on this handle. Much thinner, the handle thins from the top to the bottom, it made it closer into the mug, but also plenty of room for 2-3 fingers depending on size of hands. I personally think the handle fits the mug pretty well. Thanks for all your help.
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