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  1. Where does one go about getting Granular Illmenite? I have never done this before, do I just google a supplier in my area or what? Edit: I see you can buy it from many suppliers. I guess I will just get some and test in small batches. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!
  2. I am new to this, but I have a commercial glaze that is just matte white. I really want to add a few black matte speckles to the glaze, nothing extreme just a few here and there. What is the best way to go about this? Anyone ever done anything like this or have any tips? How difficult is it? I am even up for making my own glaze if I need to, but I have never done that before.
  3. I am not really sure as I don't have the boxes anymore. Next time I go to my supplier in Atlanta I will ask them.
  4. I used 112 for a while, finally gave up on it. I just couldn't get constant results with it. I would have some beautiful pots, then I would have pots where the specs created little holes in the inside of the specs. I tried everything over 10 firings to solve the problem never could get it down. Your pots look pretty good though, congrats on getting it to work for you.
  5. I brush, and I usually wait 30 minutes between coats. You can see the difference in color in most glazes between 10 minutes and 30 minutes. I have waited 24 hours before applying a second coat, and I notice no difference. This however changes the more coats you add the more time you need to wait between coats.
  6. I deleted all my post, I am not sure whats right and whats wrong. Experts please continue discussion without rookie inputs. .
  7. When I first started potting I was in my shed outside, perfectly level floor, I checked when I put the wheel in. I was learning great and everything was going so smooth. I later needed more space and I put my kiln in the garage below the breaker box. I moved my wheel in the garage as well. Started having a hella time throwing things well, all my pots were wonky, and trimming was an absolute nightmare. I felt like all my bowls were crap. Eventually I hit myself in the head and said hey lets check to see if its level. Well, it was about 1.5 inches off. Talk about some terrible slab work. That is by far the worst garage slab Ive ever seen, I used to finish concrete as a young man. I put a wooden wedge in it and put a level on my wheelhead. Now that it's perfectly level my pots are so much better. If your floor is slightly off I doubt it matters. But if you think about it being 1-1.5 inches off over 14 inch wheelhead thats a huge difference as the pot rotates around. Think about pulling that up, your always going to be pulling 1 side higher than the other naturally. So I personally think its very important to check your floor, then if your floor is bad, check your wheel.
  8. I like the chattering effects that Hsin-Chuen does. The pots where he does the top 1/4 in the long chittering effects in a light brown glaze then does a solid dark color below are just beautiful. Here is a link of some of his finished chittering pots that I love the blue brown one is my fav. the video min linked is excellent.
  9. John is right, it's a wonderful gesture that you could do for years, then all of the sudden get your face sued off. America is the land of sewing people, its getting absurd, but it's the way it is right now.
  10. So expensive. Need to be a rich man to own some sophisticated dirt molded and baked. Which one is the 100,000 one? The one in the middle in the back row or the one on the right in the front row. My personal favorite is the one in the back middle. and the one on the left front. Edit: I see now on the next picture they are listed L -> R.
  11. When you get to that level in Japanese ceramics... be prepared for about a $600 to $800 price tag....and potentially up. best, ...................john Well then I guess I won't be holding a expert yunomi for a while lol.... well poo.
  12. Does anyone have a good website where one can order a handmade yunomi from an expert/master yunomi maker. I really want to hold a great one in my hand.
  13. Thanks for the link. I think my next focus in pottery is going to be throwing yunomis for a while. I love the simplicity of the form but its complexity in a perfect design. It is something you could literally spend your entire life working on and still enjoy making them.
  14. I wedge everything too. I only use commercial clays and I wedge them right out of the bag. I find it just makes the throwing part of the pot better. I also like the exercise same as you. I find it a nice break to bending over the wheel for a few hours, plus it just feels good to wedge for a solid 30 minutes. Glad I am not the only one who enjoys the exercise part.
  15. Coming along nicely! Can't wait to see it finished. Are your students preparing a lot of work to go in it yet?
  16. lol. I had to do a double take. I thought those are odd shaped cookies, until I looked again then laughed. Hope it goes well Nice work.
  17. If you spending several thousands of dollars for a kiln + vent kit. Hire someone to make sure the plugs and amperage are right. This was the best advice I ever got from this forums regarding new kilns.
  18. interesting read! if that picture has anything to do with how good it insulates then maybe. looks cool either way.
  19. Well, pots came out with less pinholes, but still some there. I held the kiln for 10 minutes, which made the pots that were red rock clay have boils in it. So obviously it got to hot for that clay body. The little loafers did superb with 0 pinholing. The brown speckle did well, but had minor pinholing. I think I am putting my glazes on too thick. Going to try a thinner glaze application soon. I am also just going to switch to the white body for now. I want to get some good results to boost my morale and then maybe I will revisit the colored clays again.
  20. Well I think I finally have a batch of pots with little to no pinholes. I can't be certain yet. Kiln is at 600F. I looked through the peepholes with a flashlight, glazes look glassy with no visible pinholes so far. I think the combination of a new clay + slowly increasing the vent kit's air flow through the kiln solved the issue. This was my 3rd glaze firing since installing the kit, each time I increased(closed) the vent box slightly. I will post results tonight when I get to open the thing! I'm dancing in my garage! Thanks for the help folks. If it is 100% fixed I will post my changes, and firing info.
  21. I have the Skutt/TS wheel and I can't even imagine not having my splashpan. I threw on a brent for a bit in when I first started, it felt fine, but I think I would miss my gigantic pan now.
  22. @John: thanks for the information and the reference to Lucie Rie, her bowls are gorgeous. I am trying to leave more clay at the bottom of my bowls after many of you have mentioned it. I appreciate the help and the time you took for your reply. Thanks for the kind words as well. Joseph
  23. my bowls have minor glaze defects. I am fine eating out of them because they pinholes don't hit the clay body at all, and even then im not sure if it matters, but I am not sure if others will want to use them to eat out of. i have been working to fix my glaze firings adamantly getting very close to fixed.
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