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  1. That moment you have been making jars with a gallery and also a lid inner gallery that are so perfect that when you wax them they no longer fit inside of each other... perfection. Then that moment where you realize you forgot to turn on a preheat for your greenware to fire in a glaze firing and remember at 540F before you have a terrible disaster in your kiln and you stop it and vacuum it the next day. Thank you Jesus. 

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    2. Benzine


      Single firing, I take it? 

      I have neither the skill nor disposition to attempt that...  I have had some of my students, make that decision for me though.  Thus far, it has been on wares, that I didn't stack...

    3. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Yes! I single-fire a good bit of work. Sometimes I bisque and sometimes I single fire it just depends. It would have been fine if I had turned on my preheat. Haha.

    4. Benzine


      I am OCD, on my kiln.  I will check the program numerous, times, check that the vent hood is on,  etc.  Because that one time that you don't...

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