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  1. How is everyone? It has been a while. Just wanted to check in and say I love and miss you all! Fired my kiln today. First time in 8 months I have even touched a pot. Made me realize how much I miss this community. Hope everyone's pots are great and their glazes are perfection!

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    2. Min


      Hi Joseph, nice to see you back! Hope your studies went well! (I'm sure they did)

    3. glazenerd
    4. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Min, my studies went well. I graduated with a degree in economics, straight A's my last semester in the hardest classes I've ever taken. It has been an interesting week. I just got accepted into a Masters for in Teaching Middle Grades Education. So I will be doing even more studying over the next 1.5 years. But I am excited to get back to what I always wanted to do before cancer beat me down a few times. Teaching Kids MATH! WOoo. I will hopefully get on here more to read all the good stuff happening here. I won't be doing a lot of pottery still, going to make some bowls for a fundraiser for a big wood kiln down in south Georgia. Probably going to make those tomorrow.

      Hey TOM! I might throw your porcelain tomorrow! 

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