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  1. We had two nice days in a row here. I cleaned the studio up a good bit today and tomorrow I am going to mix up some ideas I have had brewing for a while: chicken grit, course grog, red sand, white sand(with smallstones) and black ice porcelain into my red rock clay.  Nom Nom Nom. I am going to mix the black ice and red rock at different amounts looking for a dark black reddish body that I can spray with soda ash solution(safely) and then rub wood ash/flux mixture all over it dry. Then fire it on top of seashells! Can it get any more exciting!? I think not! 2018 is going to be a great year. I am only working with 2 glaze bases: Charles Titanium Grid 10 and Milky Gloss. The rest will be ash and soda mixtures. I also won't be glazing the entire pot anymore. Looking for that sheen. My elements are going to hate me, c'est la vie! But I also have to replace my controller tomorrow. Busy day Busy day!

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