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    sloan.quinn got a reaction from pipefitter508 in Laguna Crystalline Glaze   
    Just out of curiosity, is it possible to come up with a crystalline glaze that doesn't craze? I've never tried any, but nearly everything I've read about them suggests that crazing is a big issue - unless, of course, you just accept the crazing as the cost of the effect...
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    sloan.quinn reacted to ayjay in Chattering?   
    I am far from from being an authority on this (or much else), but I've recently started playing with the idea myself and have made precisely two chattered pieces.
    I did mine on the wheel, right after they were thrown. I also made my own chattering tool so it's possible that that may not be working correctly either. One was only bisque fired at the weekend and it's awaiting glaze and the other I've dared to take a pic and put it below.
    They are a long way from the finished article, but we all have to start somewhere and I am still experimenting and enjoying experimenting.
    Hopefully someone will be along who knows more than me.
    Edit: I took so long writing that and taking pics that they already have.
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    sloan.quinn reacted to Benzine in All Of A Sudden My Hands Hurt!   
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    sloan.quinn got a reaction from Rae Reich in Quick Christmas Gifts!   
    Bahaha!!! Perfect!
    I think I'd give them salt jars.
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    sloan.quinn reacted to oldlady in Is Everyone Ok?   
    the weather forecast on the news tonight showed severe tornado damage in several states.  a number of members live in mississippi and that state was hit hard.  hope everyone is OK and able to get into their studios and make work.  
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    sloan.quinn reacted to Evelyne Schoenmann in Qotw: Would You Ever Completely Retire From Doing Your Art Work?   
    No. I would never give up clay! As Sloan puts it a bit gruesome but to the point: only if the tools (hands, arms) are missing I will give up. But then again...
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    sloan.quinn reacted to oldlady in Overfired?   
    it is not fair to post all those wonderful pictures to the gallery without telling us.   if it is 12/19 or later, anyone reading this stop and look at guinea's gallery.
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    sloan.quinn reacted to Rae Reich in Quick Christmas Gifts!   
    If they're that picky, they probably have healthy egos, too. Make picture frames, featuring their most attractive Facebook photo. Maybe a little gold luster?
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    sloan.quinn reacted to Callie Beller Diesel in Amaco Underglaze Velvets And Low Fire Clear Glaze Question   
    If this doesn't keep you out of trouble, nothing will
    I don't know how widespread this stuff is, but I'm going to shamelessly name drop and say that Sarah Pike turned me on to it. (She used it to teach classes, not on her own work.) My local arts centre is currently testing it as well, and it is really user friendly and very colour responsive. I'm beginning my own rounds of testing next week.
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    sloan.quinn reacted to Denice in Quick Christmas Gifts!   
    My son who just moved to a humid island wanted coasters for Christmas , they are on the large size the center is  raised and unglazed so the cup won't stick to it.   The edge  has a rim  to keep sweat from  glasses from running on the table.  I quickly carved out some grooves in geometric patterns in the center to help with the moisture and add some interest.  I just used a clear glaze on the  red terracotta so they were once fired, it took me two days, I needed to get them in the mail.  I didn't want to spend a lot of time on them,  when they move back they are leaving most of there belongings there.  Denice
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    sloan.quinn reacted to Nancy S. in Do You Eat Off Your Own Pots Everyday ?   
    Heck yeah! What good is it to be a potter that makes dishes if you can't make your own dishes? That's like the cobbler's kids running around with no shoes.
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    sloan.quinn reacted to neilestrick in Working Less-It Did Not Work Out   
    Mark Skywalker

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    sloan.quinn got a reaction from Evelyne Schoenmann in Qotw: Is Art Pointless?   
    I think I'd be hard-pressed not to point out - probably in a rather scathing manner - that unless you live in a hole you dug and never come out of it, it's impossible not to encounter some form of art, and *gasp!* you might actually enjoy it! It may not be "fine art", but art is everywhere.
    And then I'd probably give him a coffee mug and tell him it's because he needs something beautiful in his life.
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    sloan.quinn reacted to Bob Coyle in The Dreamer And The Cynic   
    I found this picture taken by a friend. It looks like an art installation somewhere. I don't know where she saw it but I thought others might like it.

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    sloan.quinn reacted to jrgpots in Tree Fishing Season-A Bit Off Topic But Clay Related   
    You should try ice fishing . . . much safer...
    Tried it and couldn't get the ice to bite. I even put cream on the hook......No luck.
    Now my dad was a great fisherman. One evening we were fishing below Whiskeytown reservior, not too far from Mark's neck of the woods. He was fly fishing and went to whip the fly into the stream. The fly never made it. A bat caught it in mid-air. It was quite the event...
    Of course it was not as big as the king salmon. Then again, the king salmon couldn't fly.
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    sloan.quinn reacted to Babs in Tree Fishing Season-A Bit Off Topic But Clay Related   
    Maybe we can start a forum for those poor persons who have to live with us.....
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    sloan.quinn reacted to Pile Pottery in Big Pottery For Fireplace   
    here you can watch how Good I'm using it
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    sloan.quinn reacted to Pile Pottery in Big Pottery For Fireplace   
    Take a look at this BIG massive pot for baking food on Fireplace
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