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  1. Is manganese oxide the right stuff to use to wipe on and off sculptures to give them character?
  2. that is so useful, I cant wait now to give it a go.
  3. thank you so much. I dont want to adhere fully formed pieces, just add highlights with crushed glass. Two other questions: have you any idea what to use to adhere it until it melts, would I use some sort of glue which would burn out and, do I have to lay the piece down so the glass wont run as it melts.
  4. I actually do sculpture and have wanted to fuse glass for some time, I even have a store of glass ready but am unsure how to proceed. I thought I would bisque and glaze first, as this temperature has to be a lot higher than glass fuses at, then add the glass and just refire to melt stage (about 800c - I'm from Australia), but now realise it may not adhere to glazed clay. Does it run when you heat it up, or just become jelly-like. Maybe I have to only place it in crevaces. Also, if I crush it and apply it, does it become razorsharp, or just rough? appreciate any help you can give.
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