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  1. The job I would have them do would be processing my local clay, it is such a task so much work but totally worth it. If I could get away with just making the pots and let someone else do the digging, drying out, smashing it up and sifting it through mesh, rehydrating it, then laying it out on plaster to dry, and then wedge it so that I could just come in the studio and go right to work. That would be awesome but I suppose I would lose some appreciation for the work if I outsourced the first steps. But oh how tempting it would be. Good question, Anthony
  2. The rule that I have the most trouble following is probably , as is the case this week, speed drying I currently have 3 fans on my green ware that I am hoping to bisque asap for a festival this Saturday. I find that I am always breaking "rules" some times I win some times not so much but either way I learn from it all so it cant be that bad I have a graveyard of pieces that were rule breakers that did not work out. But how satisfying it is when you intentionally break the rules and it all works out fine. So to all the clay rebels out there I say keep on breaking them you never know what you'll discover. Anthony
  3. Hey everyone Thanks to all of you for the insite. I have made several mugs with this clay and have been using them myself they are working great my friend is also very pleased with his I found that the clay does not do well at high temperatures definitely a low fire body however very nice throwing quality on the wheel and before its dry it has a beautiful green color to it, post fire a great terracotta color. I'll keep running test as suggested and post pictures when I can. But so far so good Ill have to process some more and let you know how it goes. Again thanks for the help. Anthony
  4. Hey everyone, Quick question. I harvested a large amount of clay from a bank near my home and it is finally all processed and ready to work with! But now I am debating what to make with it. I want to make some functional pieces with it and have been asked to make a mug from it for a friend. If glazed with lead free will these wares be safe for kitchen type pieces and also what are some things you would check or test when harvesting local clay. I have tested firing temp, and shrinkage already but am curious about what else I need to look into. Thanks Anthony
  5. Hey everyone, I would hope they would say good things. But if they found any pieces still in tack I would see it going something like this... "hey mike come check this out.... It looks like some kind of ancient vase or something. (mike) Oh wow that looks great I'd like to take that home and give it to Linda it would look great next to our robot closet." The circle of life Anthony
  6. Hey everybody, It looks like leather hard seems to be a crowd favorite. I agree that it is a great stage because of all the possibilities of manipulation that it provides and I really love how sensual throwing wet clay is forming something from the earth with your hands is truly amazing. But I think my favorite stage at the moment is green ware because it means I will be firing soon. There are so many firing techniques I wish to explore and I am hypnotized by the glow of ware in a kiln. Also its nice to see the ware and how it changes after firing. Lets face it their all so much fun but I have to say green ware with wet coming in at close second. Great topic Anthony
  7. Hey everyone, Quick question. I glazed some stoneware with ^5 glazes most of which look ok but a few of the first ones I did appeared to be cracking (the glaze not the ware) so I added more water to the mix and it seemed to help. My question is what can I do about the pots with the thick glaze i can crack it off with my fingers. Should I just wash them with a sponge and re-glaze or am I stuck. I'm holding off on firing them because I am assuming the glaze will run because the original mix was to thick. Thanks, Anthony
  8. Thanks Lucille, I have picked up some lead free ^06 glazes and will be firing them tomorrow. Appreciate the help. Anthony
  9. Hey everybody, I have come across a large amount of cone 06 white clay and was wondering if glazed with low fire 06 lead free glaze if this clay can be used for functional ware as well. To date all of my experience with functional ware has been with cone 6 stoneware and cone 6 glazes. So is this clay practical for that use as well or should I just plan on making decorative and raku ware with it? Thanks Anthony
  10. If you don't mind buying used, sites like eBay and Craigslist are your best option. A lot of times people invest in equipment early and realize they are not that into it or just don't have the room or time to invest. Then they end up selling their stuff a lot cheaper than market value. Also check the location of the sellers because shipping on wheels can be ridiculously expensive. I just bought a Skutt 1027 kiln on eBay for 400 dollars its in great condition and works fine the guy I got it from is moving out of state and can not afford to move all of his equipment. Got a great deal on some molds and chemicals too. So if your patient and don't mind pre-used equipment their are lots of great deals out their. happy hunting Anthony
  11. Hey everyone. I really appreciate all the advice looks like I will not be eating off these pots they'll just have to be for show. Terra Sig fun to play with not to eat. Thanks again, Anthony
  12. Hello everyone, I was reading that terra sigilatta when applied to greenware and bisqued will seal the pot thus eliminating the need for further glazing. Is this true and if so is it possible then to terra sig stoneware in a similar fashion as Greek and Roman pots and then use them for functional ware such as mugs and pitchers? I have been researching red terra sigs and love the organic/ancient look achieved with them and would like to make some kitchen ware using this method. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks Anthony
  13. I agree with the post that say it depends whats being made. Most of the time I stick with the blues some Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Bukka White, Clapton, The Stones but when I am making "love" lanterns Ill put on some Ray Charles or Marvin Gay. If i am just working around the studio processing clay or mixing glazes then I go for some Left Lane Cruiser, Rory Gallagher, or ZZ Top. Really any think that keeps me grooving it seems like some days if I'm not really feeling up to working after I put the right song on and start throwing I get my second wind its funny how music motivates. Anthony
  14. Hey everyone here is my dilemma, I purchased a Randal Wheel several months ago and it came with 3 plaster bats. All of which work fine but are a little beat up. I took a ceramics course last summer at the university and we used the same wheels but they had metal bats which were much easier to work on. I spoke with the professor who said the company that makes them is not around any more. Does any one know where to find metal bats to fit this wheel, do they tend to be universal or do certain wheels require certain bats? Just got in to ceramics about a year ago and I love it their is so much to do and learn it seems infinite. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Anthony I attached a picture of the wheel below as well.
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