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  1. "Dunt" is a new word to me. Not sure what it means, but I get the general idea. I did open the kiln a crack (sort of like shaking the Christmas presents before Christmas) but it was already down to 135. Guess I need to wait longer to peek. Thanks for the education!!! Annie
  2. AHA! I firgured out the photo posting procedure! Here are my cracked pots. My question is why did they crack in the glaze firing and not the bisque? I'm using an electric kiln and it was firing at O6. The two pieces were near each other, on the top shelf. Nothing else in the kiln cracked. Other items were made with the same clay and same glaze. It's a mystery to me, and I'd like to understand it. Thanks!
  3. If I can figure out how to post a photo, I'll do it! Hmmm.... so far no luck. Any clues on how to post photos, they would be appreciated. Annie
  4. I've been firing in my electric kiln for a couple of years now. The last batch of items fired came through the bisque firing without any problem. When I did a 'slow glaze' firing with them two of the pieces cracked. This is the first time I've had this happen. Any ideas why they would crack in the glaze firing but not in the bisque? Both pieces were on the top shelf and near each other and both pieces had the same type of glaze. It's been about 40 years since I've had a ceramics class and am making pieces and running my little kiln from long ago memory. I have no clue what happened. thanks. Annie Sequim, WA
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