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  1. Thank you Marcia.. I asked others in my guild and they seem to have the same reaction. "Huh?.. who knew?". To be fair, when we recycle, everything gets thrown together.. stoneware.. porcelain in a large drum and then our claymaker puts it through a complete re-mixing, etc. Maybe the clerk was saying that one couldn't recycle it as its own clay body back to an original "Coleman Porcelain". Anybody else have input?
  2. I thought I would try some Coleman Porcelain from my local supplier. The clerk said it was a great clay body but "you can't recycle it... something to do with its ingredients". She gave me no other instructions or guidance. Anybody else hear of this or can give me info? TIA
  3. spike39

    Tea/Coffee Pots

    After 30 years away from clay, I'm trying to regain my skills, so the process of bringing all the components to make these pieces is part of my re-development as a functional potter.
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