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    Rumbletalk offers you really a lot! A lot! You can change your backround, chat weight, height, design, text style, you can use it as a chat window or as a floating chat as well.
    It works on mobile and tablets, it allows you to send videos, pictures, charts. You can do a voice or video calls, can speak public or on private and it just looks beautifully.
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    Jenkins19 got a reaction from AndreaB in Ceramics Art Chat   
    Hi guys!
    As I always like that people who finds solution to their problem let other people know about it as well I decided to let you know as well.
    I did a lot of research on this and finally I found perfect application for me. It is called Rumbletalk and I am using it for over a year now already. I am able to post youtube videos with it, charts, pictures. I can also manage my own design and overall it is really good. I really like that I can use the same communication window on my blog, facebook page and my website - it is well sychronizated. It is also really good radio player chat.

    Worth trying
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    Jenkins19 got a reaction from janellelile in Ceramics Art Chat   
    Sorry, it took me a while, but just for you to know, I am still looking for a suitable chat room for my site any help will be most appreciated.
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