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  1. I've always just let the wax dry then remove with water and a sponge. Maybe a little soap to be on the extra safe side.
  2. I use lusters all the time and am familiar with the cleaning process. I guess the process may be the same as underglaze decals as you mentioned though. : (
  3. Lusters have to be silkscreened. If they are done digitally and printed, it will not have the real luster appearance, rather just a yellow gold like color.
  4. Well there has to be something I'm missing. I mean I can't imagine you have to spread a large jar of luster on the screen to coat the decals. There's got to be a book or site that explains the process somewhere.
  5. Hello everyone! I've been doing a lot of research on silkscreen printing for underglaze decals but I'm not finding much of anything for how to make gold luster decals. I understand that with underglaze screen printing you pour the oil+underglaze onto of the silkscreen to color the decal, but how on earth is this achieved for gold luster decals? If anyone has some advice, books, sites, etc that I can read on how to make this, I would be so grateful! Casi
  6. My crazing is OVER!!!!! I went back to using my local slip and it worked!! My pieces are perfectly craze free : ) Thank you everyone for the advice!!
  7. Having tried only 2 clear glazes on 1 body and expecting a perfect fit is a bit of a long shot. Might be an idea to follow John's excellent post about matching body and glaze to fit. Your current glazes have too high a rate of expansion and contraction, you need a lower expansion glaze to fit your slipware without crazing. I've actually used 3 different clear glazes, but the first (which worked), was discontinued. I'm using commercial glaze so the ingredients are not noted, therefore it's more difficult to find a low expansion glaze. I'm switching slips tomorrow and will see if this help
  8. Well the new clear glaze isn't working either. The crazing is not has severe, however it is still crazing and therefore unsellable. I'm guessing my next step is to try a different slip company? If this doesn't work I have no idea what else to do. : (
  9. There is no crazing down the seam, just down the handle, around the handle, and around the top rim. I am using commercial glaze, therefore changing the recipe is not something I can do. I have ordered a different clear glaze, hoping this will solve the issue.
  10. This is the slip I am using http://www.dickblick.com/products/amaco-no-15-s-casting-slip/ This is the clear glaze I am using http://www.dickblick.com/products/amaco-lg-series-liquid-gloss-glazes/ Though both say to fire on bisque 05 I was told by my local ceramic supplier that I could fire using my cone 04? I trusted her knowledge, being she's been a potter for 20+years...So could this be my issue? I went ahead an bought from a different shop a new clear glaze that says 04 bisque..should receive this new glaze in a few days. Should I also buy some 05 cones to test with? http://www.clay
  11. Okay here are two pictures of the crazing(I stained the crazing with tea so its a little darker and easier to see the cracks). I have concluded it is the clear glaze that is causing it. I am using Amaco LG-10 clear glaze. I have bought a new clear glaze by Duncan(ordered online so it should be here in a few days), so I hope this fixes the problem. I have a ceramic store online that sells a lot daily and can't afford to keep ruining pieces. What else can I do? I fire bisque to 04---- low with lid prop for 1.5 hours. Then on medium for 1 hour with lid prop, then 30mins with lid closed (peep
  12. It's too difficult to get a picture because it's so lightly crazed. I will try later to take some though...once the sun comes out a little more to help highlight the crazing. I fire my bisque to 04 in an electric skutt. I fire on low for 1.5 hours medium 1.5 high until it shuts off. Am I underfiring?
  13. Okay I have now narrowed it down to being my clear glaze. I have re-checked previous work and all the pieces that I've used this clear glaze with have some crazing on them, yet pieces from the last clear glaze I used (from a year ago), is craze free. I fire to 06 for my glaze and my clear glaze says to fire to 05. Now when I first bought this clear glaze, my local ceramic shop was out of the 06, but told me there would be no issue in using the 05 at 06. I guess they were wrong. Does this sound like this is the issue to everyone else reading?
  14. I've used the same glaze on both slip cast and hand built pieces. All are fine, no crazing. The mugs are no thicker than other pieces. Should I try a different slip?
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