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    Pompots got a reaction from DyAnn in Making colored slip   
    I also use Karen B's approach. using the same body clay to make your slip makes a best match, not that the other wont work, but this is the perfect combo.
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    Pompots reacted to Arnold Howard in Applying Kiln Wash   
    You should apply kiln wash to the kiln's firebrick bottom. Be careful not to get kiln wash into an element groove. The kiln wash should last for years and will help to protect the bottom from glaze should you ever overfire the kiln.
    Arnold Howard
    Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA / www.twitter.com/arnoldhoward
    ahoward@paragonweb.com / www.paragonweb.com
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    Pompots reacted to Mark C. in Applying Kiln Wash   
    OK we cleared that up-By the way if you do wash both sides you will reget it every glaze fire from fallout siticking to your wares.
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    Pompots reacted to oldlady in Applying Kiln Wash   
    NO! NO! NO! NO!
    with lots of heat ( above cone 6) and time, a lllllooooonnnnnnggggg time, a shelf may warp a little out of level. IN THAT CASE>>>>>>>>you might turn the shelf over after scraping off, grinding off and totally removing any kiln wash. then use the bottom side as though it were a new shelf. NO NO NO NO not all the time and NO NO NONONO do NOT put kiln wash on the underside of shelves!!!!!
    i can show you what happens when a small flake falls onto your best work!!!! NO NO NO!
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    Pompots reacted to TJR in What direction is your wheel spinning?   
    Don't be switching your wheel to clockwise and training yourself to throw that way. If you do this, no one will be able to help you with techniques. When you watch youtube, you will have to reverse everything. All of us in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, etc throw counter clockwise. Lots of wheels only move in one direction-counter clockwise. If you lived in Japan and China, you would be O.K. going the other direction.
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