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    Diane Puckett reacted to Chris Campbell in As A Collector Of Pottery, Would You Prefer To Have A Set Of A Potter’S Work, Ie. Dinner Set Or Many Pots By Different Potters? | November 12, 2013   
    We are extremely fortunate in North Carolina to have a first class potters conference with presenters from all over the world. Over the last 20 years I have been fortunate to have been able to obtain works from these potters ... as well as meet them and talk about their work.
    NCECA conferences have afforded opportunities to buy work from amazing potters both famous, pre famous and not famous but supremely talented. I am constantly amazed at the depth of 'unknown' pottery talent there is.
    So my pottery collection spans all the categories ... some get used all the time and some do not ... but their use is not determined by price or preciousness ... Just on whether I need that vessel right now. There is nothing lovelier than serving meals and drinks to friends on work made by my fellow potters and being able to share their stories when asked.
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    Diane Puckett got a reaction from TJR in Have You Ever Turned A Pot Upside Down To Inspect It Without Checking To See What Was In It First? Tell Us About It! | September 11, 2013   
    Oh, yes. I was visiting the home of a potter friend for the first time. I picked up a large vase and flipped it over. Unfortunately, it was full of driveway salt.
    An even better story was the time I saw someone flip over a candlestick to inspect the bottom. It was actually holding a lit candle which set the tablecloth on fire.
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    Diane Puckett got a reaction from Marcia Selsor in What's Wrong With Big-Runney Feet?   
    I thought of John Britt's oil spot bowl as soon as I read this post. There is a nearly identical, albeit much older, bowl in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
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    Diane Puckett reacted to Kohaku in Proportions   
    The pebble idea is actually somethig I've played with- maybe a use for some of those ceramic shards I'm going to generate using a tumbler.
    I agree on general principles about the customer's attitude... except that I tend to agree with her critique. Trying to enhance the sonic quality of these things is something that's interested me for sometime.
    On another note- I've been cranking some raku lately, and some of the pieces I posted in raw form are finished. Here's one of them...

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    Diane Puckett reacted to neilestrick in Why New Blisters On Re-Fired Glazed Pot?   
    Refires are like a box of chocolate......
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    Diane Puckett reacted to TJR in Transporting Bisqueware For Glaze Firing   
    Karo syrup rots and makes an amazing stink. I used to use "spooze", which is clay, vinegar, and syrup. Could only be used once and not stored.
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    Diane Puckett reacted to Rebekah Krieger in Kissing Pots...   
    It is...  I wonder if I need to just paint it a like color and appreciate it for what it is... a pot I love, put a lot of work into, but mostly... LOTS of lessons! LOL
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    Diane Puckett got a reaction from Rebekah Krieger in Kissing Pots...   
    This poor pot sounds like it might be cursed.
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    Diane Puckett got a reaction from Balke in Starting Out.... Again   
    I know a lot of artists swap pieces, but they don't expect a discount when buying something. Discounting your prices now would set a precedent and expectation you would probably regret in the future. I suggest charging your professional price and maybe making some other small item as a thank you gift for friends who have been supportive.
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    Diane Puckett reacted to Chris Campbell in Repairing Glaze Fired Pieces   
    So sorry, but I have to agree with those who say no.
    Don't just make one more however, make two ... Or three ..... And give them the best one.
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    Diane Puckett got a reaction from Jeepersca in Advice On Cone 06 Firing, Brand New Olympic Kiln   
    Cone level reached is a combo of temperature and time. Adding a hold increases time so increases the cone. If you are testing to see if your kiln reaches 06, you need to fire with no hold. If I were you I would repeat what you did but without the hold. Also, talk with the person who fires the kiln you work had been fired in to find out exactly what they do. Making sure your kiln is calibrated may be a separate issue from your glaze bleeding.
    I don't use the Duncan glazes you are using so cannot help with that. The manufacturer might be able to give you some guidance.
    Your work is beautiful!
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    Diane Puckett reacted to Humboldt Potter in Altermatives For Wax Resist   
    The only times I use wax on my pots are, 1: to keep porcelain from fluxing to the shelf, or, 2: if I'm using an iron or cobalt glaze that will stain or darken my porcelain. Otherwise, for the most part, it's just easier, and I get a cleaner line, just by sponging off the bottom. By the way, it also helps to wet the foot bottom before glazing. It keeps glaze absorption to a minimum and makes it easier to wipe glaze off the foot.
    I meant to say that I use wax with alumina hydrate to keep my porcelain from fluxing, not just wax. It works well.
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    Diane Puckett reacted to oldlady in Have You Ever Turned A Pot Upside Down To Inspect It Without Checking To See What Was In It First? Tell Us About It! | September 11, 2013   
    it was not a what that was inside, it was a "Who".  who would put a person's ashes in a tiny fish?
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    Diane Puckett reacted to jrgpots in magic water   
    1. Does balsomic vinigar give it more culture?.....lol.
    2. Would your red apple vinigar work better with apple wood ash?.....just curious.....
    3. If I added paper clay, would it be better to add ash from pencil shavings?
    I could not help injecting some sick humor or "crack a joke" every once in a while.
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    Diane Puckett got a reaction from Oldmuddy in Weight/size Charts?   
    Hopper's book, Functional Pottery has that info and is in general a wonder resource.
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    Diane Puckett reacted to spring in I'm In Ceramics Monthly Again, Yay!   
    I hope everyone can check out the Sept issue.  I'm featured in the article covering the NSJE at NCECA.  So super excited and honored.  
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    Diane Puckett reacted to OffCenter in Teaching Position   
    When I drive from GA to CA I detour about 1,000 miles to avoid driving though Texas.
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    Diane Puckett reacted to Chris Campbell in Inspiration, Where Do You Seek It?   
    "Maybe a more relevant question for me would be, How different do you think your work be if you were exposed to a different set of circumstances and influences? "
    God question ... My good friend often asks me where would I be if I had not met Jane Peiser?
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    Diane Puckett reacted to OffCenter in Nerikomi Disaster   
    I think you will still have problems. At least wrap the cane up and let it homogenize for a day or two before making it into a bowl. Your best bet is to pay close attention to Chris's advice. Working with colored clay and having Chris here is like working on an atomic bomb and having Robert Oppenheimer's help.
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    Diane Puckett reacted to Chris Campbell in For New Folks, Red Is Not Santa Suit Red, Usually   
    Not to get too frisky here but it is spelled Orr .... you should know that if you intend to do crossword puzzles while you wait for a kiln to cool ... he is always the three letter word for hockey player.
    Also, those guys skated on what we call "Chicken Ice" ... means there were no rocks, sticks, boards, cracks, ripples or other impediments in the ice ... so that is why they could skate so fast in straight lines.
    Great quote today in the newspaper that I am gonna steal, edit a bit and call mine .....
    "The plural of anecdote is not data."
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    Diane Puckett reacted to oldlady in Re-Glazing A Broken Piece--Possible?   
    all of you in the USA may not remember that this poster is in southeast asia, (thailand?) and does not have access to all of the things we think of as ordinary.  the group is small and they are trying to make a living by creating small, easily sold pendants and other simple items in clay.  their focus is on the delicate painting of each object to make it one of a kind.  they apparently now have no widely experienced potter to help with the questions that come up.  our advice is all they have.
    Puzzlebox, i am sorry that i did not send you the metal cookie cutters that i promised.  i did not write your address down and will now get it from your website and send the cutters.  i will send simple shapes like the diamond and circle and square you cut out now.  since they are for wearing i will keep them small.  if you wish to change the shape just use a tool to bend the metal.
    any of you potters with extra tools (or dollars)  could do the same.  the address is  The Puzzlebox Art Studio.........35 Intharakiri Road.........Mae Sot, Tak 63110..................Thailand
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    Diane Puckett reacted to Chris Campbell in Martha Stewart American Made Awards   
    Thanks for the heads up Mia.
    I just entered and am now in the running ... gosh, I have almost 2,000 facebook 'friends' ... I hope they all vote!
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    Diane Puckett reacted to Chris Campbell in I Need Help Coming Up With Compensation For Four Prototypes!   
    Take a deep breath and realize that you have time to research this a bit before you answer them. Hopefully you have until Monday at least!
    If it were me I would spend some time online looking at every facet of this ... Google artist legal agreements every way you can think of until you find some samples of what established artists do. Search for people who do this for a living and see what their terms are ... I know there are professionals doing this. Do not let them steam roll you into doing something quickly that may end up being a nightmare loser for you. Get a signed agreement with your terms and timeline. Make sure their responsibilities are included as well as yours defined. Payments should be defined in no iffy terms.
    One of the "red flags" of business is people trying to rush you, so don't let them freak you out with the 'hurry up' routine.
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    Diane Puckett got a reaction from Rebekah Krieger in If You Could Have Three People From The Ceramics World, Living Or Dead To Dinner, Who Would You Choose? Why? | July 9, 2013   
    If Jim was coming to dinner, I would eat off a grand piano with a Giffin grip centerpiece.
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    Diane Puckett reacted to Darcy Kane in How Do You Know When The Clay Is Dry?   
    Ok, was I the only one that thought to themselves:
    1. I'm sure work is dry when it doesn't explode in the kiln when I fire it. 
    2. I'm sure work is dry when a piece comes off in my hand when I pick it up.
    3. I'm sure a piece is dry when it shatters to bits when I drop it off a ware board. 
    It might be interesting for you to make a few blobs of clay the approximate size of your miniatures and break them open at different time intervals so you can get a "feel" for what not nearly dry, almost dry, and dry as a bone looks like and feels like.  I have learned much more by the pieces I have bashed than any I have fired and sold.  Congrats on finding clay, enjoy the journey!
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