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  1. Thank you thank you! This is really helpful and we appreciate your replies so much!
  2. Thanks for the glaze advice, TJR! Yes, the freezing aspect was really about why we didn't want to buy wet glazes (also the expense). The nearest pottery place to us is in Whitehorse (5.5 hours south) where you can take courses but they do not sell much for supplies aside from M340 clay and introductory tool kits, everything else would have to be shipped from Vancouver area. We are, however, arranging for a pottery workshop in May with a pottery instructor that is coming from Whitehorse, so maybe he could help us out with getting started with glazes.
  3. Hello! I'm looking for some advice on using pre-mixed dry glazes. I have always been part of a larger studio and didn't have to worry about mixing up glazes - now I live in a smaller northern community and have just started a small studio with a few others but none of us have ever mixed glazes before. We have an electric kiln. After searching around for products online I was thinking that buying a larger quantity of pre-mixed dry glaze for Cone 6 (like Laguna ms series or spectrum 1100 series, 50/10 lb) might be a good compromise for us newbies between buying pints of wet glazes and buying all the different ingredients to mix by recipe. If anyone has any advice for us on the best way to start out with glazing or how pre-mixed dry glazes work or what products work best we would love to hear it! Cost of shipping is definitely an issue for us as well as the possibility of freezing during shipping (it is -20C where we live in the Yukon this morning). Thanks so much!
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