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  1. I just bought a used (preowned as they say in the car world) kiln. It had previously used a Skutt Enviro Vent on the bottom (so holes are drilled there), but there are no holes in the lid. I plan to also use a Skutt Vent, should I drill hole in the lid now?
  2. Love paper clay. I find it reclaims extremely well. My big tip is: When you you're done creating...roll out your leftover clay as thin as possible and lay it out to dry in wavy slabs, it'll dry pretty fast (maybe turn it over every so often). When bone dry, break it up and toss it into a bag, bin whatever storage you want. This alleviates storing wet paper clay which gets moldy and very smelly. When you need clay, add water like you normally would do to reclaim any clay, and since you rolled it thin, and is filled with paper pulp it reconstitutes really fast. I came up with this solution after the other folks I shared a studio with starting yelling at me about the smell!
  3. I've used Metalset A4 11oz Kit Aluminum Filled Epoxy Adhesive for attaching french cleats to the backs of my hanging wall pieces. And I agree with Min, roughing up the service is a good thing to do.
  4. In fifth grade, I had a pair of little short boots, and they were silver...very cool. The next day in class, the teacher called me up to her desk, and looking at my feet said, "I'm glad to see you're wearing "normal" shoes today, I hope to never see those other ones again". I remember thinking..."What the heck what's on my feet, affect what I learn in my head?" Well, what I learned was, I was creative even then, and even though the outside will to stifle me was there, it couldn't stop me!
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