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    clay, painting, making jewelry, beads, fiber, paper- might change next week!
  1. I did just order a little drill tool too! Thank you
  2. No that would be a disaster, maybe I won't try two wires. Thanks Herb!
  3. Yes, previously I had made the holes with one of the firing rods, but this last time I used wooden skewers which worked beautifully, but just a tad bit undersize obviously:( So now I am trying to find out my options. Thanks for the heads up re: the aluminum!
  4. Kiln wash on the wire-I like it! Thank you Amy!
  5. Hello, I am pretty new to clay, with very little experience so I am thrilled to find an awesome site such as this! I am a stay at home mommy with little twin boys. At the moment my interest is in making beads and small items as my kiln is a little bit bigger than an Easy Bake Oven. (Do those still exist?)

  6. Hi Guys, Newbie question here- I have just started making beads. My kiln is a Fire Fly with an interior space of about 8x8x4ish, so pretty small! I rolled my beads and they are ready to bisque, but the holes have shrunk enough that they won't fit on the bead rods now. Sigh. I have Kemper 17g high temp wire which states it can fire up to cone 5. My beads fit on the wire with no problem and will even fit if I double up the wire. Is it a problem to use two wires do you think? Won't get too hot or anything like that? I know I should take a class or something, but I am a new mommy with 5mo. twins and I can't commit to that, so thank you for all your help!!!
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