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  1. hi, i made a 6 part mold 10 years ago to use with slip casting, its a baby girl, life sized doll, but now I find the mold is falling apart and damaged, does anyone know where in th U S or australia I can buy a Full body, (includes torso of a femal real life baby mold to use with slip clay as the person who made this for me has now passed away thanx
  2. hi all thanx for all ur help, im sticking to earthenware slip , the molds are 10 years old and now i find, i have to leave the slip in the bigger parts ( head and body) for a little longer as they were to thin, anyways thanx again
  3. hi all im doing my fine art honours at uni and i have a slip casting mold of a baby in 6 sererate parts, what I wanted to know is..can u use porcelain slip, as when my mould are made and done, I have to join the pieces together before i can set them aside to dry before biscue so is it possible to use porcelain slip and porcelain clay to join the pices together or should i just stick with white earthenware
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