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  1. exercise, exercise, exercise. crunches and sit ups. before the modern potter, they had to dig their own clays, knead, lift heavy saggars into kiln, basically were in shape compared to us today. i also recommend archery to "open" your body, lungs, and shoulder blades. since we seem to be crunched up and bent over ofter
  2. my custom mixture of porcelain and grogged stoneware,, throws very very well. but has quite a bit of cracking if not done carfully, but holy cow, its translucent when thing enough, ever seen a translucent stone ware body . and it sands so buttery too
  3. Im making porcelain vessels, with lids, just small sugar jars, ^5 frost porcelain. Can you fire the lid in the jar,without it welding together? Im not glazing the gallery or the bottom of the lid. I dont use wax resist but I do have kiln shelf wash, could you use that to prevent it from sticking?
  4. id have to say LOTS of nice shelving! Without everything would so cluttered an un-organized, it would be a ton of all over the floor, i guess. i just cant imagine what it would be like without it lol
  5. Ok please stay with me because this question is a bit odd (very odd around this forum ) Im doing a sculpture that is .... a placenta/after birth. I plan on making this out of translucent porcelain to get the transparent part of placenta but im missing an important factor. the illusion of slime, i was wondering if anyone had tips on reproducing a slime texture/feel. I was thinking a glaze would be the way to go but it is more glassy then slimey. These are my reference/inspiration pics to give yall an idea of what im going for
  6. Thanks, yeah i realise its not a glaze with only 2 ingredients in the mix So i understand that this will leach like no ones business. but will there be enough to harm you just from picking it up and handling?
  7. I have a simple recipe for an oxide wash that comes out as a bronze/gold at ^6 Magnesium Dioxide 80 Copper Carbonate 20 This oxide is supposed to be applied very thick. Ive seen that Magnesium and Copper are very hazardous in their powdered states, this will be for decorative items mostly. Will this still be poisonous just bare without a clear glaze.
  8. I had a raku bowl that was starting to look grungey from being picked up so often, so i washed. grunge still there. so i let it soak in some highly abrasive cleaner, 12 hours later. Finish is almost completely gone (patches of bare clay were peeking through)
  9. Id say it is probably 7-9 inches. Ive studied classical ancient greece and roman pottery forever and I didn't even make that connection. Very simple form
  10. Hi everyone! I would like to have some information about reproducing this object. Im not to worried about reproducing color and texture at all, but more on the shape and form. From my research on Hans Coper and Lucie Rie i know they were into throwing pottery in 2 pieces (specifically Coper). So im guess that is the process of this piece. I would like to know how this piece was made. Was it perhaps made in 2 pieces or maybe even 3 parts, and also where do you think the pieces were connected? I've heard all about "you cant reproduce other artist work, work on your own stuff,ect.." I would just like some technical forming techniques instead of motivation speech additional info: This will be thrown out of ^5 stoneware (a workhorse clay that i know inside and out) It will not be glazed at all, just raw stoneware so glaze will not be playing a factor in shape .
  11. Im sure the rough side would work fine, smooth side seems like it would stick to the clay and tear
  12. I center on the wheel at the fastest speed. fast as possible. But it depends on your skill level and you clay wetness. If you center to slow you risk the clay getting water logged before you even make the first pull. Center to fast without enough water the clay rips and pulls. If you are a beggine i suggest on the slowe side till you get a feel for you clay body
  13. CLN studios


    this is gorgeous it reminds me of lucie rie
  14. Do any other production potters, or just throwers. Have days where you feel like you're making the best work of your career then other days everything comes out half-ass or just crap? I wonder what causes that.
  15. Letting (ignoring) so much clay pile up before you recycle it. nightmare
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