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  1. Has anyone used a digital die cutter to make designs for surface decoration on pots? I recently purchased one but am doubting if offers much to the already various ways of creating surface patterns with stamps, fabric, etc. I would be grateful if you would share your experience with me or send me to your website to see how you have used it in your work. Thank You!
  2. I use lead free, non toxic and dinnerware safe glazes on bowls, plates, cups, etc. and assume that food microwaved in them is safe, as safe as any microwaved food is. A customer recently wanted me to confirm this, so I thought I would put it out here. Also, I have used dinnerware safe blues and greens for bowls, etc., but have a vague memory about someone advising against this. If glazes are labeled safe for food use, aren't they safe (regardless of color)? Finally, in the past I called a glaze company about layering food safe glazes and I believe they said they could not confirm their safety because of layering. Aren't many many food pots presently made decorated with layered glazes? Can some be used in layering and others not? THANKS FOR ANY ADVICE YOU CAN GIVE ME!!
  3. Thanks guys! What about firing to ^06 / ^05 or even ^018? Would zinc or copper hold up better at these temperatures? Just curious if you have tried this.
  4. Thank you everyone! Very helpful! We won't be experimenting with this in class as students won't get the colors they were hoping for.
  5. A student of mine wants to use pennies as part of his surface decoration on a vertical pot along with traditional ^5/^6 glaze. Is this safe for the kiln? Does anyone have experience with this?
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