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  1. June 14&15, Silvermine Arts Center, New Canaan, CT. http://silvermineart.org/education/courses.php?id=7468 Join us for big pottery fun! Soft altering of surface and form with freshly thrown clay on the pottery wheel makes pots look fresh and alive…sassy! Great Fathers Day gift!
  2. Hi All, Yes, Penland's eight week immersion course, called Concentration, is the place for an emerging potter to make great leaps in both technical and aesthetic skill. As far as expense, nearly half of the students there are on scholarship, and there are plenty to apply for, so look seriously into that. The eight week intensive courses, called Concentrations, are exceptional. You get more than a year's worth of experience in 2 months...you learn so much in such a short time, and take such great leaps in your work, it's remarkable to see. As you can tell, I'm a big Penland fan...I live in the neighborhood, I make pots, and attribute Penland with helping me tremendously in my work and my career. I've studied at Penland, was a resident there, and have also taught there, including teaching the Concentration class. Good luck with your search for the appropriate learning situation for you, and please look into the many scholarships that Penland offers!
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