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Hi Everyone. I've been in clay for maybe 35 years now. Had my ups and downs, found several niches and grew out of it as time went on. It is about 20 years since I seriously started to explore porcelain, but since 2005 I made it my job to explore porcelain to it's fullest. 


I started that because there are so many different opinions and myths about the material and I wanted to find the truth for myself. 


Here is what I found this far:


Porcelain is not so fussy or so easy like many believe. It is a material on its own, having a character that dictate how much it allows and how much it will not allow. I call porcelain a "Diva" because "she" is very demanding, but if you meet her demands, you get the most wonderful results. Think of it as a personality and learn to know and understand that personality and you'll get great results.


As for me; I think I start to understand porcelain, but I know I have a long road ahead of me, and to make things worse; porcelain have a lot of sisters and brothers out there that I still need to meet. 


I love the material for all it's qualities, particularly the softer, more sensuous  side of it. Underneath that softness is a very strong glass like body that has its own way.


I work mostly with Southern Ice porcelain so that I can obtain translucency and whiteness. I create porcelain bowls from wheel throwing, envelope bowls, from press molding and teapots from press molding and wheel throwing.


I teach porcelain workshops on national and international levels. I write porcelain articles to encourage others to work with the material.


Lately my husband, Koos (my photographer, videographer, computer boffin and project manager), and I launched a porcelain e-course worldwide. It is wonderful to reach people that never would have had an opportunity to do one of my porcelain workshops.


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