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  1. Hi all, I'm a ceramic artist from Europe graduating this year from my MA. I wish to go to America, and specifically to New York/ San Francisco/ Florida. Searching the internet I'm trying to find residencies in America preferably in these 3 places. Most of all San Francisco or New York. Do any of you know interesting residencies where I could look into? Any tips are more then welcome. with kind regards, lalalallalalal
  2. Hi Peterh, I don't think so, since am not using the glue on the part's which i join together, am just using it on one side and sometimes on both the sides.
  3. Would like to share that it worked A bit different then the slip part but the solution is similar. I rolled out a 1 mm slab of porcelain clay and brushed thickly over one site the glue mixed with the glycerine. 80 percent glue, 20 percent glycerine. It took a while to dry, but the slab is firm. It might help to put a layer on the other side as well, will try this out later. For now am very happy with this.
  4. Is there a method to get cracked luster? I like it when there is a minimum of 1mm spaces between the cracks.
  5. Through the internet I have learned so much. That time being in a place with not much ceramic artist around as well as books on the subject, i went into the internet to get answers on certain questions I had during the process. Learned through youtube, asked questions on forums. Like this forum mainly, since here is where I got very quick and mostly detailed information. Am thankful to the many people who helped me through this way in my career. Sharing their enthusiasm and love for the subject has been inspiring. As well I love it to be in contact sharing the same passion with people from all over the world.
  6. Here is the link of the Tape online including some other files which might be useful http://claystore.alfred.edu/rawmats-all-frames.htm
  7. Found the link with the file and some other files http://claystore.alfred.edu/rawmats-all-frames.htm
  8. Leola


  9. Do you also have the other handouts of Alfred University posted by Norm Stuart?
  10. Thank you so much!!! That was exactly what i was trying to figure out, since the keraflex is too expensive and max size is A3 as well as you don't have much room for manipulation. I guess I could use the similar method with clay instead of slib, like making a layer on top of the clay slab somehow, will figure it out someway. This is very helpfull, am feeling so much excitement. That it will bend while firing doesn't matter to me, only during the building fase it needs to be straight.
  11. The problem is that i need them perfectly vertical and straight, no bends. So I think i need to wait till the plastic-leather hard stage, still then they tend to not stay straight. Or you don't think so?
  12. Witgert Mont Blanc porcelain clay max firing temp. is 1300 Celsius. The company is German.
  13. Dear Mark, thank you for your reply. I think this won't work, since I need to place them vertically and attach to each other. Dear Chris, Thank you for your reply. The problem is if I use paper pulp it needs to be so fine that it will not give any relief. Since the slabs are 1 to 2 mm thickness this will cause a problem I feel. Have been thinking of added cotton thin cotton, almost hairlike. But it will give a problem with cutting pieces away from the slab. I was thinking maybe I could use some binder or some organic glue. Will try it out. If someone has an idea, it's more then welcome! Thank you
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