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  1. Hello! Ive never posted on anything before but I thought I might share this. I was just the featured shop on the homepage of Etsy a few weeks ago and it has been amazing! Its my sole source of income right now! Im very excited.I will be doing some craft fairs this summer/winter but etsy is getting me by in the mean time. So I wanted to share my experience with etsy leading up to this happening. Last March (so less than a year ago) I opened my etsy shop when I decided to get serious about selling my work. I looked at etsy a lot and thought about what caught my eye. The photographs are EXTREMELY important. I notice that a lot of the homepage items always have natural light with a soft white background highlighting the piece as the main focus. So I started with nice photograpjs hoping they would catch peoples eye.Then I decided to link my etsy shop to 4 different social media sites.I use my facebook page to highlight whats going on with shows and exciting news and events and when I list new items and so forth then I use tumblr just to showcase really nice photos of my work. Then I use instagram to show my process and let people view inside the studio and see what I am working on then I use pintrest to showcase what I have for sale. Other people seem to pin my work to interest too.I like pintrest becuase if its pinned directly from etsy it tells you the price and clicking the photo will take you right to the item on etsy. All 4 of these sites link everything back to my etsy shop. People who use these social media platforms share things like crazy. I do spend an hour in the evening or so a day doing social media stuff but I dont mind it. Its relaxing. The most time I spend on the computer is editing the photos so the pieces look like they do in life (my camera sucks). I like being able to show the whole process so people know I am a real person. I think the combination of nice photos and social media lead to being noticed by etsy. Im still not sure exactly how they found me but I am so thankful they did! I think being specific with the tagging of listings is really helpful so people can find you too.I hope this is a little bit useful becuase thats what Ive done besides make pots and it seemed to work! I work really hard in general there really isnt a substitute for hard work but I love being in the studio making things so its great. I also want to add that staying true to yourself in what you make and taking an artist approach over just doing this for money has perhaps given my work something unique. I dunno but I do like to make things haha Katie
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