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  1. Thank you Ms old lady. Heidi is hanging in there. You know she's getting old when the wild rabbits in the yard out run her by walking! :). I'm starting to make of this type of pottery... Yesterday I bought a 5 gal.bucket of sand and today a friend of mine brought me 50 lbs.of Tallapoosa River clay he dug Sunday. So I'm on my way home to start making more items. Some for me and some for the animal shelter auction in July!! :)

  2. Hey Old Lady,

    This jar is an example of vessels I make. I had access to the archaeology lab and spent 100s of volunteer hours cleaning and sorting sherds from field school, all the while examining them for tool and handbuilding marks, decoration methods, etc. So I use what I noticed and documented on vessels I make in order for them to appear as though they just came out of the ground!! :). It works for me... BTW, when I began to make them faster and cared less, the pottery results improved!

  3. Thanks for the compliment. If I had to guess this firing was somewhere the 2000th to 3000th one. Wish I had kept notes, now. I started out with piles of pots and a bon fire, but now the "pit" aka firing area is about 18 to 24 inches wide. For the first year of pottery, I learned how to fire, and the 2nd & 3rd year I learned how to coil pots. The archaeology lab had pottery collections from all over the USA and SE Asia that I got to study. My field archaeology was mainly at Fusihatchee(1EE191). Oh, I never bisque anything first...its all greenware when I start.

  4. If the vertical cracks bother you, try adding a coil of clay with 37% quartz sand wedged in to it. If that doesn't work or change the direction of the cracks, add 42% sand by volumn to the entire unit of clay.

    Then respond to the results to make any corrections. Just saying! :)

  5. Yes, at this point it still greenware until most of the sticks catch fire...then if you listen the vessel starts to make pinging sounds, so when a vessel pings and there isn't cracks on the finished product I assume its crossing over to ceramics.

    There are more photos in my gallery.



  6. We made Pete's Cranberry after attending the Clay

    Conference in Florence, AL.  Pete Pinnell was the presenter.  Ours we made at the college did NOT look like yours.  I think we poured it out.  We WISHED it looked like yours.  Ours was the Unmodified Petes Cranberry if I remember. :>)

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