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I come from a family of artisans all of whom have patience and talent.  I have neither.  But I am enthusiastic and competent if not accomplished.  My biggest fault is not knowing when it is time to stop tinkering and just let something be. 


My first experience with clay was in My grandmother's studio where she primarily made things with molds and slip.  Her studio was flooded in 1975 and she never took ceramics up again, but we always talked about getting started in a new studio.  She is now 95 and can't do any of that anymore.  But I decided it was time to start and pass along some of what I learned to my kids.  I immediatly found out I don't know anything.  So I will lurk here and try to learn and try to share, and most of all I will try to re-live some of those wonderful days sitting next to my Grandmother, watching with wonder as things of amazing shape came out of those white plaster blocks she had stacked on the shelves. 

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