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  1. Melamine would work for a hot minute, a laminate counter top would be better, a laminate glued to a cabinet grade plywood would be best. I started with a canvas top and tossed it after I found you needed a different canvas for different colors of clay. Canvas works great for rolling clay or with a slab roller. My current set up is like JBaymore and it works well. In the spring I'll be making a new baby butt smooth thin cast reinforced with rebar high PSI concrete counter top for my existing 4x4 and 2x4 frame.
  2. The easiest thing to do is to call the company for the details and they may sell you a larger container. Link two sounds like it may be a varnish? Companies really do not want to disclose a time tested recipe. Some of those recipe's would be easy and cheap to duplicate. I know fellow who started his own paint business. After he did some digging manufacturing paint wasn't as hard as he thought and he makes a better quality high pigment paint. I would mix my own, but I like to experiment with things. If you place an order try some of the other oils
  3. Here in the US the readymade version will be called Fat Oil. Many China painters will tell you that you can leave Turpentine to evaporate, but it's really a slow wasteful way to get what you need. Cooking up a batch is the cheapest way to go and you will have more control over the medium.
  4. Sorry..I'll clarify why I was in left field One of the few things alcohol thins is shellac. For some reason I was thinking THINNER. Denatured alcohol however cleans all kinds of stuff without leaving a residue. Turpentine leaves a residue. A medium in China paint is a vehicle to stick the pigment to the pot. Some of those mediums are Varnish or clear paint, oils that never dry and some are water based. They may call them things like pen oil, but pen oil is pretty much varnish with a fancy name. The basic ingredients for pine oil are Pine Gum Rosin. It's sold in rock, powdered, or
  5. I think this may be a situation where things get lost in translation. It's probably shellac Shellac flakes can be purchased inexpensively from ebay or a woodworkers supply company. It's non toxic when dry. Shellac dissolves in denatured alcohol and would certainly work. You can make shellac in different viscosities. I would start with a 2lb cut. If you need it thicker add more flakes. A fresh batch of shellac should sit for a day or so before you use it. It will re-hydrate with denatured alcohol and can be removed with alcohol. You can search for details on how to mix real shellac. Shella
  6. Mug

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    Tile samples
  7. To answer your Pine oil question, it's probably Turpentine and Pine rosin which are some of the ingredients for an old school varnish. This would be your painting medium...varnish You can get straight pine oil which is an essential oil.. oil that smells good. In china painting they use oils such as lavender and clove oil and they are exotic useful oils that smell good. A better explanation of the painting mediums can be found here: http://www.porcelainpainters.com/mediums.htm I would not recommend some of those motor oil recipes. As for a medium I tell you something that the books wi
  8. If the DC Voltage to the motor is the same and the HP of the motor is the same on both wheels you would probably be ok to switch the power supply and foot pedal from the old wheel to the new wheel. You would only detach the two wires going to the motor evereything else would move from the old machine to the new machine. The DC voltage needs to be the same to make a swap...DC motors can have all sorts of voltage and wattage requirements. The foot pedal itself would have a potentiometer in it. To make a foot pedal swap the resistance of the potentiometer and the power rating would need to be
  9. The Mouse likes to protect its copyright but if they are the orgional licenced molds, there is not much they can do. The Disney molds are but a few of the most valuable molds.
  10. The descriptions above are more accurate, but to keep things simple, someone said to me an underglaze is like colored slip and a glaze is more of a glass coating. It's prety much the way I think of it to this day
  11. There are some past posts on this forum that list some really good sprayer's. The handheld Wagner is the worst painter that I have ever used and extreemly noisy. If this is the airless wagner that sits in a 1 gallon or 5 gallon bucket of paint and is used to paint a house, I would say probably not, it's overkill. They work great, are prety quiet, have very little overspray, but they are realy made for super sonic speed and large projects.They can be so fast that it takes longer to set up than it does to paint. If you have to switch colors, you will get a lot of waste. It would probably b
  12. China paints are also called over glazes. If your wife is a painter she will love China paint. It is great for realistic painting and can mimic, toll painting, oil painting, acrylic painting, pen and ink, or water color. The colors can be opaque, but are usually on the translucent side. China paint is a powdered pigment you must mix with a medium. You typically mix what you will use. What you see in color is usually really close to what you get when its fired. The classic mediums are various oils these can yield a paint like oil paints... if she likes oil paint. You can experiment an
  13. If you are firing multiple times with additional colors lusters will be applied in the last firing.
  14. I have been looking for white talc as well for my casting wax. Finding the ct-30 may be even tougher in a few more years. White talc is almost always overpriced considering you can purchase a bottle of scented talc at the dollar store. The only thing I have found is lab grade, soap suppliers, scented drugstore talc, or Tire talc used to install inner tubes. Tire talc from the auto parts store was the cheapest unscented white talc I had found at 4.29 a lb. You can only guess whether it would work or not. Ebay and lab suppliers were over priced. I had not had any luck in past searches, b
  15. Smooth-on 121-50 wet is a good easy to use urethane rubber. The wet has a mould release built in. All in all you want to use the cheapest molding material that gets the job done for its intended use. Some urethanes have a short lifespan, it is all in what you want from your mold. The harder your mold the more clean and basic your detail will need to be. You can make a mold from hard plastic if it has no under cuts.
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