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  1. Thank you all so much for your clear answers and links. I now know what I need to do. You gave me valuable information.
  2. I have gotten on this site several times and searched for this topic, but not found anything. I have recently become the owner of a Skutt Kilnmaster 822. I am excited to have a kiln but very green. I got a special deal in that the the kiln was ALMOST new and I got full warranty. The included shelves have kiln wash on them, but the person who used the kiln (supposedly only once) before I got it got a little glaze on one of the shelves and it looks like they possibly just put kiln wash over the glaze. I have some kiln wash that was given to me. I have a few questions regarding the shelves and kiln wash: 1. Do I need to try to remove the small amount of glaze on the shelf and, if so, do I use a sharp chisel or possibly a rotary tool? 2. Should I put on more kiln wash and if so, do I first somehow take off the kiln wash that is on the shelf or do I just put on another coat? 3. I got a couple of new shelves and put a couple of coats of kiln wash on them. I think maybe I did not get on enough. I have fired the kiln with the newly coated kiln wash. Is it ok to just add another coat before using it again?
  3. I got a new Skutt electric kiln recently (am excited!). I am befuddled as to where to use it because Skutt told me not to have it outside, but I do not have an indoor place for it that has the ventilation. One is not supposed to plug and unplug the kiln either. So far I have rolled it outside when firing (since I have no indoor ventilation system for it. That means I am plugging and unplugging. I do not have a better answer yet. My main reason for posting is that I can tell you that Skutt told me not to have it outside.
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