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  1. ok, ok ITC- but WHAT is it? is this a brand name? something I can concoct at home? I'd rather put something together in my mixing room, than throw money at this experiment details please.
  2. MMmmm what, pray tell is ITC? Please tell me more about that. I was worried about the glaze eating the brick, so then I was thinking about a layer or castable on the interior... am I just crazy? I really want this to work- the kiln is basically mine, I just have to move it- but I don't want to bother if I can't get the results I want without destroying it. thanks for your wisdom
  3. I know it's unusual, but I happened upon a real steal of a beat-up mostly soft brick kiln. I would really like to go back to firing 03 soda, but have moved and could not take my kiln with me. So the question is... can I glaze the interior with a high fire base, and then fire low atmospheric in it without totally wrecking the bricks? Also... anyone have experience firing with propane?
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