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    I'm a lifetime artist and potter for just 2 years. I started out teaching elementary school, then in a personnel dept, next to a high-tech company doing web design, and finally clay. My main interest is Functional pottery with just a bit of whimsy. But, I also draw, paint, make hand-bound journals, and a bunch of other stuff.

    I'd love to meet other potters in Nothern California. It's good to share ideas!
  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Pres!! Thank you for all your knowledge and experience!
  2. Thanks, I got quite a chuckle from your post. Out here in Northern CA, seems like wind, rain, dust, and intense heat are our worst enemies. Did a show in 109 degrees, thankfully in a mall parking lot. I could dash into a store for a quick blast of AC. Another show, wind was so bad, several tents flew away even with 25+ lbs weight on each tent leg. Ah, the challenge of it all!
  3. Hey Guinea!! My mom lives in Spokane, and I'm planning on a visit soon. Knowing Mom,don't think I'll have much time to work, but would love to meet. I live outside Sacramento, and I know whatcha mean about lonely. Such is a potter's life,eh?
  4. 1. Make sure, if you purchase a template or a Web service, you get a layout that works on ALL sizes. 2. Phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and everything in between. 3. Choose a base color for your site, something neutral. Then a secondary color for call out boxes, and a third color for a highlight to be used sparingly. 4. Look at websites you admire, really LOOK at them. 5. Make the navigation intuitive, not a guessing game. 6. Showcase your work, that's what will keep your customer on your site. I was a Web designer for years, and the less you actually SEE the design and more you see the product, the better. Go look at Apple's site. Good design only looks easy.
  5. I just got a newly refurbished kiln and brand new shelves. My only question after reading these comments is Do I wash the floor of the kiln? I assume so, since you place pots on the botton...right? Yes, I am a noobie. thanks!
  6. I am a real newbie, have been throwing pots for less that a year. So I know I have a really long ways to go...something about 1000 pots before you can be a 'real' potter? But, I am looking at my first pieces that I did and realize not even my folks would like them. So, they are in my house, small cylinders with heavy bottoms and thick walls, holding small flowers, pencils, and toothpicks. My goals are: -using a lot less water -throwing a large vase without it going wonky on me -making a 'functional' teapot -thin walls -not trimming through the bottom -lids that fit -having more new clay than recycled clay
  7. I've just started working with clay, both handbuilding and starting with throwing. My question is this. My instructor is left handed, I'm right. What is the correct way for the wheel to turn for a right-hander??
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