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  1. A hair dryer is sufficient. Just make sure it has push buttons and not a slide switch. I bought a cheap one with a sliding switch and have some difficulty at times pushing it with wet fingers. Paul
  2. When starting out I found flared tops to be very appealing and seem to revisit them from time to time.
  3. Evelyne, thank you for all the thoughtful and fun questions. I'm sorry to see you "retire" from this thread. Pres, good luck and I'm looking forward to your qotw's.
  4. I apply the SS right after throwing so the clay is still wet, then I dry the surface with a hair dryer for 2 minutes. I get a nice spread of cracks that way. I heard someone call it crackle pots so that's the official/unofficial name I tell people.
  5. Its crocs for me also. Two pairs. One for the home studio and one for the college studio. And shorts all year round.
  6. Working with clay is an ongoing learning experience so I can't say that I've mastered that but I'm extremely comfortable and confident in my abilities. I obtained a very high level of proficiency with tennis and inline skating, including teaching both, but my skills have been declining as I get older. However, I've mastered the art of gaining weight every fall and winter and losing it in the spring. Paul
  7. I have a mirror propped up against the wall right behind my wheel when I'm working inside. When outside I'm sitting on a bench so there is no way to prop up a mirror. I must be a very messy potter because there are a lot of clay splashes on the mirror it could use some sort of windshield wiper system. Paul
  8. I've been posting to Instagram quite often these last few months and following many potters and other artists. I'm @paulspottery
  9. I'm inspired by so many other potters' work, whether from books, magazines, Internet or museum and gallery pieces and I take a lot of photos of things in daily life that I want to incorporate into my own work. I never feel I'm in a rut because there is always something I want to make or experiment with a new technique. It might help you to research other potters' work for inspiration. Others here have said to step away but you should always be open, aware and looking while away and taking notes and pictures.
  10. I've used Standard 365 and bisque fired it to ^04 and then glaze fired it to ^5/6 with great results.
  11. I am always looking for pottery in movies and tv shows. Madam Secretary is one of my favorite shows and many pieces are displayed in the background of the sets. My wife and I had the chance to go to a "talk" last December with the main characters played by Tea Leoni and Tim Daly, producer Morgan Freeman, another producer and the show's creator. After the talk questions from the audience were permitted and I jumped up first, got the microphone and said that I was a local potter in NYC and noticed all the great pottery in the main characters' home. They all laughed and the audience went wild. It wasn't your typical " I love your show and your character is great and what is going to happen to them?" question that they were expecting. When the room quieted down I asked how would I be able to get some of my pottery on the show? The crowd went wild again. The producer said to call them but I walked up to the stage and handed them my business cards. The show is produced right here in Brooklyn and it would be easy to drop off a few pieces. I didn't even want money. I did call them after not having heard from them for a week but never received a return call.
  12. Joseph, it was bisque fired since this photo at leather hard was taken and has been sitting on a high shelf at home for a few months. I still haven't figured out the glazing yet.
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