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  1. Joseph, Thanks. Yes. I made 4 of those pots and need to make more.  I priced the first one for a show so high, thinking that I would be taking it home as a model for future projects...it was the first piece that sold and walked out the door.  I do have the Community Challenge for the encouragement to try something a little 'off-the-wall'.


  2. Thanks all!

    Sydnee...good point. I would call this 'busy' and will concede to doing so intentionally. It seems to be easier to 'scale back' or 'tone down' than to figure out 'what's missing?'.  This is just the second full-size piece of this design...the first was to dark, lacked 'punch', and wasn't all that interesting from all sides.  Somewhere in the middle, I want to find something that is better than 'good' and headed in the direction of 'best'.

    Nerd...my friends keep me humble (for the most part). At my tender age "crazy old potter" may be just the reputation I need/deserve :)


    Mark, Thanks!




  3. Mark, I just met Helene for the first time this past weekend at the TN Craft Fair in Nashville.  I have been following her projects on Facebook for quite a while.  She is an impressive artist, and yes, she puts a lot of time into her work.  Her combinations of form, textures and gradations of under glaze definitely inspire some of the new work that I am doing.-Paul

  4. oldlady, Thanks! These were inspired by old friends who used to coach tennis.


    Your point about narrow-mouthed is well taken.  Generally, I set the minimum width at 3"...anything less makes it harder to clean the inside and (as you point out) more difficult to use.  The rims on these are just about 3.25" wide and seem to work OK.  Moving forward, I suspect I'll stretch that to 3.5".

  5. Thanks Joseph!  These pretty much stay on the wall.  Sometimes a friend/visitor will ask about how they sound and I'll give a demo, but they are still fairly primitive instruments and sound a bit airy.

    Oddly enough, the first time I showed ocarinas like this in a gallery, a lady walked in and bought 3, saying that she could just envision a time when her grandchildren might sit around in a circle and make music using these instruments. It was also the first time I realized that there might actually be a market for these things :)

  6. glazenerd,
    I try not to see a piece as one big complicated effort...that can be overwhelming. Looking at a project like this as an assembly of smaller projects makes it a little more digestible. And, always, in the back of my mind is that annoying thought that some disaster could strike in the firing process :)

    Thanks for your note!

    -Paul :)

  7. Just Looooove the striped tights! Really, Paul, you could sell the heck out of those, but if you do just one, it's ART!

    I think this will have to fall into the 'art' category. Making several of these (or version thereof) is not on the radar right now.  I may change my mind if the piece is well received in the gallery...they certainly are not expecting something like this from me :)


    And thanks so much for the kind words!,


  8. Mark (Marko) Madrazo, the two on the right are mine...the one in the middle is one of my morning 'regulars'.  The one on the right is very new and I am struggling with whether or not I want to sell the 50+ that I have...'just not happy with them.  The one on the left is Haviland Limoge porcelain from my grandmother's china.

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