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    Nashville, Tennessee - Where at least a few studios make something besides music.
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    Ceramic Musical Instruments, Figure Sculpture, Handbuilt/Thrown-altered Pieces (with music themes). Paul sketches...probably has something to do with his architectural background.

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  1. Received an Etsy order just after midnight...with request to have it shipped "in the next hour'...hmmm, that would be a "No" :)

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    2. GiselleNo5
    3. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      My favourite are the "here's an image of someone else's pot. Can you make one for me?" It usually means they don't want to pay the price the original was set at, and they hope because I show a lower number of Internet sales, I'll be desperate enough to do it.

    4. glazenerd


      Paul: maybe I should have given you two hours.

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