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    Nashville, Tennessee - Where at least a few studios make something besides music.
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    Ceramic Musical Instruments, Figure Sculpture, Handbuilt/Thrown-altered Pieces (with music themes). Paul sketches...probably has something to do with his architectural background.

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  1. Still cool in the studio, but not too cool to have fun re-claiming clay from slop...such fun! (not)

    1. Benzine


      My students complain about doing it, in my seventy degree classroom, partially because I probably just dumped the full slip bucket in the reclaim bin.....To be fair, I do pour the water off the top of the slip first.

    2. ChenowethArts


      Reclaiming slop is not my favorite thing to do. But once I have a 5 gallon bucket nearly full, I blunge it with a heavy-duty drill with a drywall mud mixer attachment. I still manage to procrastinate a bit after that, but the paste-like mix converts/dries nicely to usable clay.

    3. Chilly


      5gallons? I do it every day, when I'm at the centre, usually two or three "throwings-worth".

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