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  1. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to charge customers for firing their pottery? I need an easy method. Currently I am taking a measurment of Width X Height X $0.15, which is easy but, I am not sure if it is an accurate method. Thanks
  2. So, you put the slabs inside the milk carton & oatmeal container, let them dry leather hard and then peeled the container off. Did you then smooth the outside and add texture etc to the outside? We would just clean them up, a little fill any voids that seem like they would cause a problem. The melding of the pieces together pushing against the outer carton created nice soft areas and they really didn't need much. I think the trick is to make sure the clay is moist enough that it can be smoothed easily as it's being pushed together. If they want to roll out coils, cut out geometric pattern, or lay out a pattern before they start have them cover them with plastic so the clay doesn't dry out. Denice I will definetly try this one too, it sounds fun. We ususally will build without a support like that, we just let the clay stiffen up a bit but the kids would really appreciat this, especially adding some coils inside.
  3. So, you put the slabs inside the milk carton & oatmeal container, let them dry leather hard and then peeled the container off. Did you then smooth the outside and add texture etc to the outside?
  4. Tile projects can be extended into a single piece. I did a project for a few years where with 6 tables and 4 students to a table I had them all do a tile project where one person from each table would do a tile. That tile had to match up with lines, shapes etc to a tile on another table in a grid pattern. The tiles were based on themes, one set of six may have been self portraits, one could have been family pets, another heroes, etc. Another type of project I did would be extrusions base on a theme-Crazy plumbing, Fairy/Spirit houses, Crooked house, or Hard Geometry. These were themes to get them to think, investigate, or define. I often had some really nice pieces form these, some fountains with actual pumps, some lantern forms, garden sculptures, night lights, and other useful decorative and fun art. I love this idea! I would love to have it on my wall in the studio! This would be a good intro project for every student~ thank you!
  5. I think this is a great idea for high schoolers, mine are ages 8-13. I like to start with some inspiration and then let them go from there. I guess we are all that way Whichever project we do I wll take this point into consideration to spark their individuality. Thanks!
  6. I appreciate this insite and I will definetly keep it in mind. Creativity and fun- I just came across a self portrait sculpture project on Amacos website. I think the kids would have fun with this one! I do have a few though that get discouraged when they dont get something perfect so I am a bit apprehensive about doing a sculpture project. Any advice there?
  7. This will be a kids planned and executed show at The Clay Room in Old Town Temecula, California. Please come and check out our studio as well as encourage some young artists. www.The-Clay-Room.com
  8. I am overseeing a student art show for the kids/teens at my studio and am wanting to have the kids classes all do a certain project that will be impactful to the viewers...any ideas?
  9. I am in the same boat! I have a small studio, teaching classes and finding time as an artist is a challenge for sure-especially when new ideas pop into my head. I tend to pick a day for each activity, ex. Monday- classes, Tues-bills, Wed-cleaning, Thursday- personal creativity, Fri-business banking/bookeeping (this one never gets done), Sat/Sun- shopping and family stuff. Oh, and I homeschool my kids! Every morning I get online though and check out emails and handle class sign ups. Is this TMI-sorry- 2 cups of coffee!
  10. If it was me, I would take the price of the clay, say $8 for 25lb divided by the amount of clay per mug, say 1.5 lbs. Thats .48 plus firing, depending on kiln size etc. I would double your clay cost ( no formula, just a guesstimate) Then your time... What is your time worth, how long does it take to make your mug. Include making, trimming and adding your handle. If your time is worth $20/hour and you make 6 mugs in an hour than your time cost is around $3 per mug. If you sell your mug for $4.50 you will cover your "costs". Thats what I would do.
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