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  1. I usumed 1 wire guage would work on all of them, thats what I wanted anyway, they all seem to be wrapped to the same diameter, I haven't checked exacly, But I will . I think euclid has the math needed on its page. I think I'll weigh one of my elements to see how far each Lb of kathal will go. I do see now what a big problem this could be , if I get a small amount somewhere there's probably going to be wasted length of wire.
  2. I know people are going to go nuts but I've used the same size wire for all switches for a long time. It started with multiple brand of kilns and multiple size of kilns and ending up using what I had so I could fire, I kept the wire within the brand and size. but there was to many different kilns to keep a inventory and usually no time to wait for a shipped Wire or way to far to drive to get one.
  3. I love your winding machine. I like that it just pulls itself along , keeping the windings tight. Ok I have 5 types of kiln , ones a glass kill. And I assume every one has a different required Ohms number. So is this a major math excercize to get your wire lenth and diameter. Or are you suggestion using .049 diameter and just adjust to the kiln element ohms no matter what diameter of your wires are in your kiln. Now a chart with all elements for every kiln ever made would be nice actually one with just the most popular ones would make me happy. I'm probably asking to much.
  4. Definately easier but it's something I just want to do. I'm not going to manufacture them, just wind a couple.
  5. I guess I want to try it. Any sugestions and any good sources on how to do this out there . Don't want to read a book, a simple how to is what I'm looking for. What size wire do they have. Any ideas are welcome.
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