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  1. Magnesium carbonate glazes will give you a crawl. The more fluid the under glaze or undercoat is, the wider the crawl. Silicone carbide will give the volcanic ruptured look. ( I find the Magnesium better as it is not so rough and sharp.) If you decide to use Carbide then get the finest ground you can lay your hands on.
  2. Make sure bisc ware is totally dust free. Damp dust before glazing , the glaze will also go on easier and key to the bisc better, especially if using brush ons.
  3. I always use a black or white under glaze, depending on clay, before bisc. I also add a number to keep track of surface process, glaze ext.
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    ceramic bottles

    A collection of ceramic bottles i made with different methods from slab building to turning on a kick wheel.
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    A few of my latest.
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