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    I'm 46 and I'm currently in my second throwing class called "Learning to Throw" at Dunedin Fine Art Center (FL). As a student, I would appreciate more structure in the classes. It seems to be an anything goes as far as what you build or how you build it. I would appreciate more focus to get the skills needed and allowing creativity IN that process. It seems the creativity comes first and the skills may or may not follow. My issue is that the skills are needed in order to allow the creativity to really flow and be fully realized.
    For example, I would like to focus a couple of sessions on just cups, then plates or bowls, etc. Demos of the tools used, amount of clay, pitfalls, etc. for each shape followed by supervised practive time for that shape. Everyone is working on different items in the class which means the instructor has zero focus and structure... I feel more that I'm paying for wheel rental with an occasional two second assist rather than a "class" that will give me a solid foundation for different shapes, tools and styles. I don't necessarily know the questions to ask and therefore without structure, am missing a lot of foundation information.
    Just my opinion.....
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