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  1. OK will do! thanks for the advice! Toni
  2. Wow thanks so much for the speedy reply! i have never used stains before so was not sure, thanks for the suggestion. and at further risk of sounding very stupid... are all stains compatible with that firing temperature, or do they vary in compatibility like glazes?
  3. Hello Everyone! just a quick question... sorry if its obvious! can i stain flax paper clay, i'm using Scarva Flax paper clay E/S400 (1080*c fining cone 03) is it possible to stain this clay? and if so, could anyone recommend some stains? thanks! Toni
  4. Fab!! thank you! should i prep the surface in some way? a wipe with a paper towel, wash with water, or brush with gold essence? or just go for it? thanks!
  5. Hi Eveyrone, thanks for all the help so far on this site, its a fantastic community! i have a small question about Liquid Bright Gold; can i apply it over a glaze that i have already fired - at witness cone 06? i have some pieces that were fired at 06, then glazed and fired at 06, now i would like to add some further decoration with the liquid bright gold, which says it needs to be fired to 019-018. so the simple question is: can i apply it over already fired glazes? sorry if it seems a stupid question! i'm learning all the time! thanks so much! Toni
  6. Hi everyone! thanks for all of the advice, i have now started the kiln up for the first time following everyones advice, just one more question, it makes a buzzing noise every 20 seconds that last for about 8 seconds. it this the elements turning on and off...is this how its supposed to work/heat? or is this a sigh of something bad? ive had it on for 2 hours now!
  7. Thanks everyone yes the kiln has a kiln setter, so i know (providing it woks) that it will shut off when the cone bends. so i see now that i can just add time onto the timer mid firing if i ever had to do that! i will follow your advice and set it to 15 hours, keeping a close eye on it, i will turn it from low to '2' and then up an increment every 2 hours. Am i aiming to get it to HI, or should that depend on the type of firing/clay/cone etc? thanks for such speedy responses! Toni
  8. Hello Everyone, I am just setting up an olympic electric kiln and i understand pyrometric cones, kiln sitter, and stacking, but when it comes to the 2 dials that i need to operate i have no idea, there is no information in the manual referring to these dials. ones is part of the kiln sitter which says 'hours of estimated firing time' fairly self explanatory however, how do i know how long to set it to, i'm planning to fire to cone 06, how long will that be roughly..? The other dial says: "LO - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - HI" i'm guessing this is the temp/speed in which it reaching the temperature that the cone will bend at.. but i have no idea really... or how to use it in reference to cone 06... any advice on this will be very much appreciated!! thanks so much, Toni
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