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  1. Customers are much more invested in your product and your company if you can get them to care about you. This is why commercials that are tied to emotion are so much more effective than the rest. You need to make better friends with all your customers if you are going to get more business, and what better way to do that with personal marketing? What is personal marketing? When you start doing personal marketing, it means you are letting people into your life. You don’t want to be a hard wall that nobody can break down. Instead, you want to be a company that people feel good about visiting and that appears to have fun. For example, if your home is very cold on the inside, no pictures, no personality, then people feel uncomfortable sitting in the living room. However, if you have pictures up, warm lights, warm colors, and more, people will love visiting your home. Make your company like a home where customers will feel warm and comfortable. How to get personal Some companies may think there is no way to get personal. Aside from warming up the website with more colors and maybe more conversation pieces, what can you do? Well, one option is to work on your blog. Don’t just post the boring old stuff every day. Take pictures at company events and post them online. Let your customers get to know your employees by making them an important part of social media. Your content needs to be more valuable than you would like to share, according to Forbes, which means telling your customers exactly what you do every day and getting them involved with your business. When you have a sale, make it feel like a party only your most loyal customers are invited to. There are a million ways to make your customers feel like they are part of the family, but the most important way is to post blogs about personal events. Sally had a baby! Post a blog about it. Everyone went to a ball game! Post a blog. Privacy concerns Of course, you will need to get permission from your employees to use the personal information online before posting to protect privacy, but otherwise, mixing business and personal lives might just be what you are missing with your business. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, then just use pay per call. Instead of doing it all yourself, you’ll have bloggers and business owners promoting your business. They will put in their own sense of personal touch, and you only have to pay when a quality lead actually calls for more information. It is perfect! Marketing News brought to you by paypercallmarket.com Source: forbes.com/sites/gyro/2013/12/09/content-marketing-for-b2b-becoming-your-buyers-bff/
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