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  1. thanks for thr replies . Neil your response is helpful. there were aa couple pieces in the bottom that had some of the red come out which is generally cooler than the bottom so it sounds like i am not far off from getting them to come out . thanks everyone!
  2. Thanks for the tip on the article I found it and his response is helpful on there. I am in so cal. Close to Geil actually. I think I will give it another go with my new info and see what happens then try contacting Geil for some advice. And yes I do know reds are hard to achieve bit I like to challenge myself and figure things out and master difficult task. Hopefully this will be one of them.
  3. I am a high school ceramics teacher (this is my first year doing ceramics in 6 years after a transfer within my district) so I am relearning everything about ceramcis, and kiln firing is very new for me. The school has a Geil gas kiln. I am (attempting) cone 10 reduction firing and I can not get Vegas Red to come out red. One piece came out transparent (middlish-front of the kiln). There were a couple that were towards the bottom back of the kiln that had some red come out. I am following a schedule I found in a notebook from the previous teacher. It fires around 12 hours. The glaze is the premixed glaze from aardvark. I hope this is enough information to help me out I am not sure if I am getting into reduction properly or not. Any help would be great, if I need to provide more information please let me know. Like I said this is new for me and trying to figure it all out. Thanks, Michael
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