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  1. Thank you guys for your responses! Will try overglaze thinned with glycerin left overnight.
  2. I can't rub anything but india ink into Cone 5 clear crackle glaze. Actually i have third firing in mind - after I rub say iron oxide wash into crackles, so it become permanent. But anything I tried (iron oxide, stains, overglazes) won't stay after I wipe them with paper towel. Where's the problem? Thanks!
  3. Hi all! Is there any way to add something to liquid clear glaze to color it slightly without any effects after firing? Food colorants or something? Has anyone tried it? Newbies in Studio are often confuse white and clear glaze. Sometimes even with liquid white engobe. Thanks!
  4. Thank you guys all for your feedback, appreciate it! My bad I didn't state it quite clear - we actually DO have a rule about marking and it is strict and without exceptions. Some time ago we came to conclusion, that physically marking stuff (the way we need it) is not always an option. So now we are using little post-its with required info (full name and phone, date of production to be totally sure when it's completely dry and general stuff time-management, optional author's comments, like 'please do not fire yet, wanna do engobes'). And now we are looking for some bullet-proof universal solution, 'cause those post-its sometime get lost or confused or duplicating. So far it looks like something with photo-camera and barcodes or QR-codes will do the thing.
  5. Well, we've tried to enforce physically marking their stuff, but in a lot of cases it doesn't work all right. Ideally I'm trying to invent some foolproof universal solution on this issue, which suit all sorts of our guests. We have a number of look-alike mugs, plates and pots being made here every week on one hand. And digital database of our guests with their names, contacts and other stuff on the other hand. So the problem is to connect particular mug taken out from kiln with particular individual who made it. For several reasons: sometimes author simply couldn't recognize his piece, 'cause he is newbie, sometimes we want to call a person to invite him for glazing, when his bisque is ready, 'cause it's good for business. 95% of our guests are first-time newbies to ceramics. There are dudes, who visit us single time just to throw a mug, a gift for their girlfriend with heart-shaped mark if any. They say marking it 'Peter Smith 05.05.2014' is beyond their concept. There are James Jameson and John Johnson, who both want to mark their stuff 'JJ' and nothing else because 'I mark stuff JJ all my life'. There are people who easily ruin their pot, just holding it in hand. There are 8yo kids, who want to mark their mug 'Pikachu' today, with fancy star the other day and do not want to mark at all tomorrow because 'Me do not want that's why'. And this kid is listed under his mom's entry in our database and that's too much to modify it with his stars and zigzags every time he comes. So now we enforce them to sign those post-its with their contacts and little drawing of their mug. It's working but looks a bit lame. And I have a feeling there could be a different approach. Sort of barcode-printer connected with photocamera, barcode scanner with display and everything paired with some database maybe. Or maybe I'm just giving this thing too much attention
  6. Hi there! I was wondering how do you guys (if you work in public access ceramics studio) manage customer pieces, identify which one belongs to whom after firing? We have like a couple dozen pretty similar pottery mugs made by our guests every week here. And after unloading kiln we have to sort them all out. So far we use those little post-it sticky notes with the name of the author, his phone, date of production and most important little hand-drawing of his masterpiece. So we could identify it after firing. It's not quite possible to make them all put their initials at the mug bottom. And post-it thing has its disadvantages too. Can anyone share their experience? Cheers!
  7. Hello guys! Wasn't sure if this is the right board to ask. Any advice on up-to-date online store with ceramic glazes with worldwide shipping, please? Besides c*micartcart.com, quite narrow range they have. Thanks in advance!
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