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  1. I have an hp laserjet 1012 that worked great for printing decals when I bought it. It cost me less then a 100 used on ebay. But like the psot oabove says its the iron oxide in th toner that matters. Since I purchased the printer the original cartridge ran out of toner and I did not want to spend the money to buy an HP brand replacement. I've tried recycled cartridges paying attention to the iron oxide content of the toner and I've also tried punching a hole in the end of the cartridge where the manufacture refills the toner and pouring in my own toner mix. The last place I purchased the toner from was a website called Ink-Refills-Ink.com (at least that is what the bottle next to me says on it). I don't remember where I got the recycled cartridges but the same site might have them. The toner refills were very cheap relative to a new cartridge and I can refill a cartridge 4 or 5 times before the roller starts to wear down and I buy a new/recycled one. I’ve tried mixing my own iron oxide with the toner - just pour out the toner and mix it with well sieved iron oxide - to increase the percent of iron oxide and had good results too. -Steve Attached is a picture of the cartridge with the plastic end removed so you can access the toner refill area if you try that route.
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