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Bachelor sculptor at the academy of arts Antwerp, Belgium. Classical artist, Author of a Greek/victorian mythology called etherith. Looking for ceramics artists to cooperate making an entirely new chess game with some 142 pieces for every player.

we have someone to to produce the copies, but we need the masters sculpted.


The simplest board size i can make it is probably 19 length, And 24 width.


FIRST ROW, is a line of bishops, mainly obelisque shapes in three sizes. they move sideways according to their height, 3 fields, 2 fields and 1 field. Normally after the first move for putting up a defence they will only move on field forward and operate like regular chess game paws.


SECOND ROW, an army line, with the


1 and 24; north elite army, moves like a queen. (square base, spiral column and double pyramid top.)


2 and 23; french sethian army, moves like a knight (square base, slender curved and single pyramid top)


3 and 22; UK piece, moves like a rook (square base, column and crown on top.)


4 and 21; Germanic piece, moves like a bishop (square base and minimal square column, oval shape top)


5 and 20, hellenic piece, moves like a queen but only two fields. (square base, four small columns with acropolis styled bridge and trangle shape crown.)


6 and 19; southern Europe piece, moves one field diagonally. (slender column with vase shape on top.)


7, 9, 16 and 18; small banners, move like pawns. (round base and long thin wall with round shape on top.)


8 and 17 large banners, move like pawns + one square. (one square taller then small banners)


10 Elite elvin army; (small art nouveau base of column curved and Clover top)


11 Western elite armies


12 Elph piece round base, short round column and round shape on top


13 Aristocrat piece. Curved base and curved column (art deco)


14 Orient elite armies.


15 Elite Vampire army




1, 3, 22 and 24; Prime arrow rooks. dorian columns with a small obelisk on top that is extendable. move any field forward or one field left forward or sideways, can not move backward. they can launch the arrows. (round base, round column and dorian crown, square base for obelisk.


2 and 23; Secondary arrow rooks. smaller and more slender column, round extendable top shape.


4 to 21; arrows (can move one field forward, take sideways, be launched one field further then any arrow rook.)




angels, move diagonally, four squares first move, then one move.


center field = 10, 11, 14 and 15 star angels, 12 and 13; two guards in center.




fourth row 6 and 7 fifth row 6 and 7 ; falanx piece, moves forward untill blocked by other side, then four pieces can move off.




1 general piece ribbed column and round shape top


2 Architect piece roman square column and gothic crown


3 painter piece. slender column and round shape


4, 5 craftsman; square base and round sphere.


6,7 falanx


8,9 succubs 10, 16 adult panthers move three fields forward and two fields sideways (round base and oval sphere shape


11, 12, 13, 14, 15 small panthers move 2 fields forward and 1 field sideways.




elvin pieces faery of despair has large base with curls, servant elvin small, main elvin large curved base and all have clover top. vampires have satanic crusifixes, vampire of melancholy has christian cross.


1 faery of despair


2 servant Elvin


3-7 Elvin pieces


8 head elvin


9 Death ELvin moves one field


10 EMperor moves one field with shieldmaiden fractal shape can freeze one pawn of the five lines expept the court. and store the fractal, when one wants the fractal back, one has to unfreeze the pawn)


11 shieldmaiden moves one field along -at the same time- with emperor (slender square base and column, sword handle top)


12 lost angel piece moves three fields


13 nymph page piece moves like rook (slender round column with short "dagger" ornament on top.)


14 Angel of Death moves like a queen.


15 Bode piece


16 Empress piece moves like a queen, can destroy one piece of the first anywhere, when she wants her crown back, she must give the pawn back. slender round column with relief.


17 immortal vampire moves one field (can not be taken)


18 head vampire moves like a rook


19-22 vampires


23 servant vampire


24 vampire of melancholy





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