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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. I appreciate them!
  2. I try to use soft clay, cause hard clay is impossible for me. A woman on Facebook showed me in a video and it helps, but only to a point. I cone way up, then push down, pushing sideways. I get in trouble when the clay joins the clay on bottom. I can't get the bottom to center many times. Another way was to cone up, then use my right hand to push down while holding with my left. Neither works most of the time.
  3. I wish Ii ed near someone generous with their time like you are! I know most potters here and don’t know if anyone who would do this with me. Nancy
  4. Thank you! I am going to make a schedule of throwing and throw things that are hard for me. Hopefully, if I can center them, I will learn. nancy
  5. I will check them out. Your situation sounds great! Thanks!
  6. I wish I were closer! Thanks so much, nancy
  7. Thanks! I haven’t looked into colleges. The community college doesnt offer ceramics and Skidmore College used to have classes for adults, but don’t anymore. I can look at some options further afield, though. nancy
  8. How do those small raku kilns play into this? The ones where you bring the cover down from above and it comes over the base?
  9. I am now retired and started my second career, counseling, but I was in an unsafe buidling without enough staff and I quit. I am now with some time on my hands. I would love some advice as how to push further and get better. I have been looking into those places where I can do a 8 to 12 week workshop. I think I need the consistency. I’ve been at this 8 years, I have my own wheel and kiln, and honestly - I still can’t center consistently. I can’t make big bowls or plates. I make urns, lots of them,so I’ve gotten good at cylinders. I love carving and glazing a lot more than throwing! Is a long term workshop worthwhile to learn? Otherwise, I sit at home on my wheel and make the same mistakes over and over. Making 50 mugs in a day sounds great, but when you make the same mistakes iver and over, it sounds like a waste of my life. I can take classes, but once a week doesnt sink into my bad-habits brain. I aould appreciate your thoughts.
  10. Yes, they were on the outside. Sound like flashing slips now that I know what to look for. Thank you!! Nancy
  11. Thank you!! I was kind of thinking that. Nancy
  12. Thank you! I was getting mostly pics of cone 10, and no Soda firing glazes. I’ll try again, nancy
  13. Would you share where along the Hudson River you found this? I live a mile off the Hudson River, 1/2 hour up past Lake George. The river is very clean up this way, but I haven't noticed any clay deposits. I would love to play with locally found clay!!! Nancy
  14. Hi, I have always fired to cone 5/6 or low fire cause I love color and I don't see a lot of colors at cone 10. I know some of you here get great color, but I don't have a studio locally that teaches cone 10, so I don't know how you do that. I recently saw a gorgeous orange color a cone 10, maybe soda fired? And I just saw some gorgeous aquas that were drippy and glorious at cone 10 soda fired. Any idea of the glazes used at cone 10 to get oranges and aquas?? Or a reference guide or book? I don't really want to be mixing glazes, I have a whole basement of glazes I mixed on my own and screwed up. Commercial glazes would be fine. Also, I'm looking for a simple way to sagar fire or pit or barrel fire. Are any of the PDFs for sale on the site worthwhile? I want something I can do here at home, with no big equipment or expense. Thanks, Nancy
  15. Thank you, Mark! I really should have someone show me how, as I think I keep trying to learn it wrong. HA!! Nancy
  16. Hi JohnnyK, Yes, that is what I'm trying to do - the pinching method. But I have seen the footring method too, but couldn't look it up, cause I didn't know what it was called! So you make a thick bottom, then carve the upward curve into it? I will go check to see if I can find some videos to help me see it, also. Thank you very much, Nancy
  17. Finding this very late, but a question: i like to trim but getting the darn piece centered takes me at least a few minutes for each piece. To me, that’s a huge waste of time. I tried tapping to center - hahahahahahah - No. so i let the piece go round and round and round with my finger held out, pushing and pulling, to center for trimming. Any other ways to do this more efficiently? Thanks, nan
  18. Hi all, i know how to make three footed, “tripod” pottery such as the kind Sandi Pierantozzi makes, as I bought her video here. I may have asked this already, but how do you make feet like that with 4 feet? These are tripods on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/market/tripod_mug I've been playing with it, and I don’t think you can do the same technique. I was thinking of maybe cutting away clay fromthe bottom? Any ideas, much appreciated! Nancy
  19. I just had to get fingerprinted and they had a tough time getting prints! I’ve been fingerprinted before and that never happened. I’ve been throwing a lot more this year! nancy
  20. I usually buy locally, although local is an hour and 40 minutes away. So I have to order sometimes. And I appreciate threads telling me about companies. I had hte same experience with this store as the OP did.
  21. That's weird, I could swear I ordered three glazes from them about 6 weeks ago, but they never came. I looked in my emails, etc., to see how they were being shipped and how I paid, but couldn't find any emails from them. I just put in another order and I'm praying they don't screw this up, too. Thanks for sharing this! Nancy
  22. Oh, I hadn't seen your post before. Interesting. I was thinking of using glass in a little ring dish, nothing usable for food, but I guess the glass could still pop out and cut someone. Thanks.
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