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  1. I always hoped to return to pottery after I tried and loved it during school training but a busy family/work life made it difficult. The likelihood of returning seemed a lot slimmer after a fall resulting in my right wrist breaking in 3 places. After 5 operations spread over 3 years, I was lucky to have regained some use and movement, however, I lost some rotation, grip, strength and bone. I was apprehensive about trying throwing again as I wasn't sure if I would manage with limited use of my hand and many years of absence. I have managed, although I have had to find different methods to those I previously used, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's frustrating at times but I'm slowly getting there. During my rehabilitation I attended hand therapy sessions where I learnt valuable exercises which I find helpful to continue. I tend to wedge and knead smaller amounts of clay and at present I'm only able to throw up to 5lbs but thats more a skill than an injury issue. Whilst watching some tutorial pottery videos I felt lucky, humbled and inspired after coming across one of a talented potter throwing with only one hand! Just goes to show with determination anything is possible. Lovely to read other potters' experiences here. Thanks for your post PRankin and all the best to you and others in overcoming challenges.
  2. Thanks John and timbo-heff :-) Really glad I asked for advice ! I've just checked out Tucker's and they appear my best bet. Thanks for everyone's input and advice. Diane
  3. Thank you John and Diesel Clay for your quick and helpful replies! I will check out the NH and MA suppliers you suggested John while I'm visiting. I hadn't even considered wiring requirements being an issue so thanks for bringing that to my attention, Diesel Clay. I visited Dragonfire pottery last time I was in Halifax :-) Your friend Mariko is right, it's a great place with very friendly, helpful staff. It seems most showrooms only stock one or two wheels for sale. I was hoping to buy and take away as delivery is tricky for me due to unpredictable shift work. Thanks again Diane
  4. Hi I'm a first time poster and hope someone can help. Can anyone recommend a supplier for pottery wheels near New Hampshire USA? I've been looking out for a used wheel for some time now in New Brunswick Canada, but in vain. I will be visiting New Hampshire soon and wish to purchase a wheel either used or new. I've checked some websites but it's difficult to see if places stock wheels or order them in by request, as I've found previously after hunting out and travelling to suppliers only to be disappointed as they only have one in stock. Thank you, in anticipation for any replies. Diane
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